One for All

Uno para todos

Greek premiere

A substitute teacher is sent to a town he has never set foot on, to take on a class of sixth graders. When he is told to undertake the task of reintegrating a student recovering from a serious illness into the class, he is on for an unpleasant surprise: none of the kid’s classmates want him back. A touching tale of guidance and tolerance that reminds us that true change always comes from within.

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Direction: David Ilundain
Script: Coral Cruz, Valentina Viso
Cinematography: Bet Rourich
Editing: Elena Ruiz, Ana Charte
Sound: Jordi Rossinyol
Music: Zeltia Montes
Actors: David Verdaguer, Patricia López Arnaiz, Ana Labordeta, Clara Segura, Betsy Túrnez
Production: Inicia Films, Fasten Films, A Contracorriente Films, Bolo Audiovisual, Uno para todos AIE, Amalur AIE with the participation of TVE, TVC, Movistar+, Rakuten Cinema, Aragón TV and the support of ICAA, ICEC, Gobierno de Navarra and MEDIA Creative Europe
Producers: Valérie Delpierre, Adrià Monés
Sets: Xènia Besora
Color: Color
Production Country: Spain
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 94'
Contact: Film Factory Entertainment

Age 15+

David Ilundain

Born in Pamplona in 1975, David Ilundain has a degree both in Audiovisual Communication by the University of Navarra and in Cinematography by the EICTV of San Antonio de los Baños (Havana, Cuba). He has worked in different management teams in advertising, TV movies, feature films, short films, music videos, etc, covering a variety of fields, from the commercial all the way to art and academic essay. His career shows his resistance to be pigeonholed, as well as his firm belief that stories should be considered in terms of form.


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