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Boje is a little boy, who lives with his father in a remote cottage by the sea. Their life is ruled by silence, as Boje’s thirst for answers is left unquenched by his taciturn dad. Gradually, the churning sea and the wild landscape take on filling the gap between them. A subtle tale of father son coming together, where looks, gestures, and touches make up for the absence of words.

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Direction: Andreas Cordes, Robert Köhler
Script: Andreas Cordes, Robert Köhler
Cinematography: Lukas Jung, Patrick Wegener
Editing: Lani Aliikai
Sound: Gregor Arnold
Music: Sebastian Scheipers
Actors: Phileas Heyblom, Robert Köhler, Iris Berben
Production: Lichtspielfarm
Producers: Moritz Jahn
Sets: Kristin Buddenberg, Cara Hillenstedt
Color: Color
Production Country: Germany
Production Year: 2019
Duration: 10'
Contact: Andreas Cordes

Age 10+

Andreas Cordes

Andreas Cordes has been working as a scriptwriter for children's films for several years. Following Jakob, Tilda and the Mind-Pirates, and Lucy Goes Gangster, he is currently working on two children's feature film projects. Prior to that, he learned his trade at the Masterschool Drehbuch and worked for ITV Studios Germany and ProSiebenSat.1. Boje is his directing debut.


2019 Boje

Robert Köhler