Vasy’s Odyssey

La Odisea de Vasi

World premiere

Two lives, two different worlds and two unalike places. Vasi and Alexandra, two strangers, travel from Alicante to Greece, through France, Italy and Albania, on a trip where they will learn to face their mistakes and delve into their personal and family relationships. A journey through gastronomy, folklore, old traditions and the difficulty of communication between foreign languages. A search for happiness, dreams and hope.

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Direction: Vasilis Papatheocharis
Script: Vasilis Papatheocharis, David Valero
Cinematography: Miguel Garví
Editing: Sergi Dies, Alberto Gutiérrez Díaz, Miguel Garví
Sound: Roberto H.G., Rubén Climent
Music: Alejandro Román
Actors: Vasilis Papatheocharis, María Gregorio, Alejandro Tous
Production: La Dalia Films
Producers: José Luis Rancaño, Mamen Espinosa, Vasileios Papatheocharis
Sets: Mariavi Martinez
Format: DCP
Color: Black & White
Production Country: Spain
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 104'
Contact: Mamen Tortosa

Vasilis Papatheocharis

Vasileios Papatheocharis (Karditsa, Greece, 1980) is a Greek screenwriter and director settled in Alicante (Spain). His beginnings in the film industry were in London, where after several collaborations with local productions, he graduated in Film & Video - Theory and Production (Cinematics). Since 2009 he works in Spain in audiovisual productions as a director and screenwriter. He is a compulsive writer who has developed a dozen scripts for feature films, mainly suspense and comedy genres.


2020 Vasy’s Odyssey