Sarmako - A Tale of the North

Σαρμάκο: Μια ιστορία του Βορρά

World premiere

Thessaloniki, October 1949. The Greek Civil War is supposedly over, but its impact is still felt by the people and a great divide exists between them. Antonis, the owner of the tavern “Makedonikon,” stays neutral and tries to distance himself from politics. But dreadful news summons his most feared childhood experience. While the war, the decade and a whole epoch come to an end, the band of musicians play their last classic rembetika songs. And for Antonis the time for revenge has come.

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Direction: Marco Papadopoulos
Script: Marco Papadopoulos
Cinematography: Nikos Kolioukos
Editing: Marco Papadopoulos, Agni Iiosifidou
Sound: Kiki Kouzounia
Actors: Alexandros Nikolaidis, Christina Dagaki, Dimitris Krikos, Nikos Polozianis, Ilias Berberis, Nikos Korexianos, Konstantinos Gaitatzis, Vaso Vasiliadou, Alekos Tsolakis
Producers: Marco Papadopoulos
Sets: Elena Koutsou
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 115'
Contact: Marco Papadopoulos

Marco Papadopoulos

He lives in Bochum, Germany, where he works as a director in various fields. During his studies (Ruhr-Universität Bochum), he initially worked as an assistant director, most of the times under Michael Verhoeven and Kristian Gründling, and later on as a series editor for the TV network Sky Germany. He shot his debut feature film in Thessaloniki, in collaboration with the students of the Aristotle University’s School of Film, an institution where he was a student too, in intermittent periods.


2017 BlackTea – A Short Story (short)
2020 Sarmako: A Tale of the North