Who Will be Eaten

Ποιος, ποιος θα φαγωθεί

World premiere

We are in Athens. The city is like a ship sailing upon the Aegean Sea with passengers of all cultures. There is not enough space for everyone on this ship and so the class cannibalism begins. The heroine in the film vacillates between individualism and collective action, the luxury of abstention from public life and the emotional struggle of participating in it. Will she be able to save the next child to be eaten?

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Direction: Elpiniki Voutsa-Rentzepopoulou
Script: Elpiniki Voutsa-Rentzepopoulou
Cinematography: Fanourios Kazakis
Editing: Alexandros Nouskas Varelas, Elpiniki Voutsa-Rentzepopoulou
Sound: Valia Tserou, Kostas Varympopiotis, Thodoris Theocharopoulos, Thomas Tsourouflis
Music: Michalis Katachanas
Actors: Chrysalena Christopoulou, Efthimis Chalkidis, Setayes Perzant
Producers: Elli Skreta
Sets: Naya Kokmotou
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 70'
Contact: Olia Verriopoulou olia.verr@gmail.com

Elpiniki Voutsa-Rentzepopoulou

Elpiniki Voutsa Rentzepopoulou was born in 1992. She studied in the Department of Theatre Studies at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, while also attending the Cinema Section of the University Club Cultural Society. Currently, she is working as a director, a film editor and a visual artist. She worked with Paola Team Documentaries (Kaliarda , co-director, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, 2015, Athens International Film Festival – Opening Nights, 2015, Snap Festival, Paris, 2018, Welcome, co-director and video editing, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, 2017). The film Who Will be Eaten is her first feature film.


2014 Kaliarda (doc)
2017 Welcome (doc)
2018 Don’t Skip (short)
2019 LiVng Room (short)
2020 Who Will be Eaten