Anthology of a Butterfly

Ανθολόγιο μιας Πεταλούδας

Plants are immersed in a world of eternal silence. Caterpillars fall from the clouds into salt and, by the way, what is it that attracts butterflies, those that fly in the stomach?

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Direction: Kostis Charamountanis
Script: Kostis Charamountanis
Cinematography: Afroditi Kapokaki, Kostis Chramountanis
Editing: Kostis Charamountanis
Sound: Kostis Charamountanis
Actors: Chryssi Vidalaki, Konstantinos Georgopoulos
Producers: Kostis Charamountanis
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 12'
Contact: Kostis Charamountanis
Awards/Distinctions: Honorary Distinction for Sound Design – 43d Drama International Short Film Festival 2020

Kostis Charamountanis

Kostis Charamountanis is a Greek self-taught film director, born in 1994, in Athens. He has directed a total of five short films and three music videos. He is currently preparing in collaboration with the production company Heretichis first feature film entitled Kyuka Journeying to the Moon Through the Endless Sea.


2016 The Eye and the Brow (short)
2017 The Beast Asleep (short)
2018 Kioku Before Summer Comes (short)
2019 The Dog of Chamomile (short)
2020 Anthology of a Butterfly (short)