After the sudden death of Violetta's mother, her father is looking for a way to renew their relationship. However, he’s up against the powerful character of Violetta, as well as his own mistakes of the past.

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Direction: Fivos Imellos
Script: Fivos Imellos
Cinematography: Michael Kalidonis
Editing: Panagiotis Pelekis
Sound: Christos Sakellariou
Music: Alexandros Roumeliotis
Actors: Argyris Xafis, Elsa Lekakou
Production: New York College
Producers: Fivos Imellos
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 15'
Contact: Foivos Imellos
Awards/Distinctions: Special Award for Best Newcomer Director "Dinos Katsouridis" - 43d Drama International Short Film Festival 2020

Fivos Imellos

A distinguished BA graduate in the Department of Film Studies (Greenwich University), at the NewYork College of Athens. He has already started a postgraduate program (MPhil) in Directing at Bolton University. During his student years, he completed two short film projects as producer/writer/director, and worked in many short films, as well as in one feature film.


2020 Violetta (short)