Athens, 2020. Quarantine days. Daphne, a young singer, decides to break down the wall that separates her from her annoying neighbor.

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Direction: Anastasia Sima
Script: Anastasia Sima
Cinematography: Yiannis Fotou
Editing: Nikos Kallipolitis
Sound: Dimitris Sakellaris
Music: Dimitris Sakellaris
Actors: Xenia Dania
Producers: Anastasia Sima
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 15'
Contact: Anastasia Sima
Awards/Distinctions: Audience Award National Competition – 43d Drama International Short Film Festival 2020

Anastasia Sima

Having received a postgraduate degree from the National and Κapodistrian University of Athens, she went on to study Film Directing. Her film Athina–Stockholm (2019) has been awarded at four international film festivals up to now. Her upcoming documentary on mental illness is currently in the stage of post-production. Antiviruswas shot entirely on a mobile phone camera during the quarantine in Athens.


2019 Athina – Stockholm (short)
2020 Antivirus (short)