Dry Wind

Vento Seco

Greek premiere

July’s dry wind and unbearable humidity transform the small city of Catalão into a whirlpool of sweltering heat and underlying excitation. Sandro’s routine of work, soccer, and partying, as well as his relationship with Ricardo, are about to be unsettled by the arrival of Maicon, an alluring young man clouded in mystery. A tale of forbidden and repressed desires set against the backdrop of the unexplored and mystical landscape of the Brazilian Midwest.

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Direction: Daniel Nolasco
Script: Daniel Nolasco
Cinematography: Larry Machado
Editing: Will Domingos
Sound: Guilhotina Guinle
Music: Natalia Petrutes
Actors: Leandro Faria Lelo, Allan Jacinto Santana, Renata Carvalho, Rafael Theophilo, Del Neto
Production: Panaceia Filmes, Goiânia
Producer/Producers: Daniel Nolasco, Lidiana Reis
Co-production: Estúdio Giz, Rio de Janeiro
Co-producer/Co-producers: Matheus Peçanha, Aline Mazzarella, Thiago Yamachita
Sets: Carol Breviglieri
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Brazil
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 110'
Contact: The Open Reel Cosimo Santoro cs@theopenreel.com

Daniel Nolasco

Daniel Nolasco was born in the city of Catalão, interior of Goiás, Brazil. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Cinema and Audiovisual from the Universidade Federal Fluminense and in History from the Universidade Federal de Goiás. He has written and directed over nine short films that were screened and awarded at various national and international festivals. His first documentary feature film Paulistas (2017) made its debut at Dok Leipzig. His second documentary is Mr. Leather (2019) and was screened at over thirty festivals such as BAFICI, Frameline, Montreal International Documentary Festival, FicViña Viña del Mar. Dry Wind (Vento Seco) is his first feature film.


2015 Tatame (short)
2016 Netuno (short)
2017 Paulistas (doc)
2019 Mr. Leather (doc)
2020 Dry Wind