Kød & Blod

Greek premiere

Following the death of her mother, 17-year-old Ida falls into the care of her aunt and her three grown sons. At first, her grief is soothed thanks to an environment of tenderness and support. However, dark clouds loom ahead, as the criminal ways and the toxic dynamics of her new family soon rise to the surface. A multilayered drama that contemplates on boundaries of family love and loyalty, while exploring the seductive force of violence.

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Direction: Jeanette Nordahl
Script: Ingeborg Topsøe
Cinematography: David Gallego
Editing: Michael Aaglund
Sound: Jakob Garfield
Music: Puce Mary aka Frederikke Hoffmeier
Actors: Sandra Guldberg Kampp, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Joachim Fjelstrup, Elliott Crosset Hove, Besir Zeciri
Production: Snowglobe
Producer/Producers: Eva Jakobsen, Katrin Pors, Mikkel Jersin
Sets: Helle Lygum Justesen
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Denmark
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 88'
Distribution in Greece: Strada Films
Contact: BAC films

Jeanette Nordahl

Jeanette Nordhal studied at the Film School Super 16, in Copenhagen, and her thesis film, Waiting for Phil, was nominated for the Robert Award for Best Short Film. While studying, Nordhal worked as a second unit director and assistant director at the successful TV series Borgen. Wildland is her debut feature as a director.


2012 Waiting for Phil (short)
2015 Nylon (short)
2020 Kød & Blod | Wildland