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Kelly reappears out of the blue in her insular border town, in Northern Ireland. Her sister, Laura, who had put her entire life on hold after her disappearance, is torn between relief and bitterness. The reuniting of the two sisters unearths buried family secrets regarding their mother’s death, triggering a head-on collision with a painful past. Skillfully blending stark elements of kitchen sink drama with surreal brushstrokes, this tale of sisterly reconciliation mirrors the collective trauma of a tortured country.

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Direction: Cathy Brady
Script: Cathy Brady
Cinematography: Crystel Fournier
Editing: Matteo Bini
Sound: Nikola Medic
Music: Gareth Averill, Matthew James Kelly
Actors: Nika McGuigan, Nora-Jane Noone, Martin McCann, Kate Dickie
Production: Tempesta Film UK
Producers: Carlo Cresto-Dina, Charles Steel, David Collins
Co-production: Cowboy Films, Samson Films
Sets: John Leslie
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: United Kingdom, Ireland
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 85'
Contact: Film Constellation

Cathy Brady

Kathy Brady is a Northern Irish director, graduate of the National Film and Television School, and 2-time IFTA winner for her short films, Small Change and Morning. Brady was the director of the successful series Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope that aired on BBC3 and Netflix. In 2017, she was one of the 15 female directors selected for BAFTA Elevate program that supports young talents to the next stage of their career.


2010 Small Change (short)
2012 Morning (short)
2012 Kiss (short)
2013 Wasted (short)
2020 Wildfire