While the dancefloor is mythologized as a space for connection, any committed creature of the night knows the real action takes place in the toilet cubicle – at once the club’s engine room and its “confessional” booth. The film depicts the realities of these sacred spaces with a nauseating intimacy, bundling us in with Diana and a flurry of gorgeous party people for one night of sublime chaos.

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Direction: George Markakis
Script: Marie Fleuret, George Markakis
Cinematography: Mor Shauli
Editing: Tolis Apostolidis
Sound: Savvas Kontou
Music: Plus 1
Actors: Diana Kleimenova, Mitzucker Rae Samson, Leto Leto Van Long, David Jong-Sung Myung, Braulio Bandeira, Kalliopi Tzermani
Production: I Have My Art, Cornelsen Films
Producers: George Markakis, Christopher Cornelsen
Costumes: Avi Ben Nisan
Sets: Avi Ben Nisan
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Germany, Greece
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 85'
Contact: Wide Management, infos@widemanagement.com

George Markakis

George Markakis was born in Crete, Greece, and studied cinematography in Athens and New York City. Ηe is based in Berlin for the last ten years. In his own words, “my first feature film India Blues opened my circle of experiences in Berlin. EX closes this cycle. Both films are deeply and delicately psychological; they both depict my world in Berlin.”


2013 India Blues
2021 EX