Last Visit

Last Visit

Α tribute to Lefteris Vogiatzis (1945–2013), who is an indisputable milestone in the history of Greek theater. Through this strange dream tour, he returns to his favorite theater space – the Theater of Cyclades Street – for one last time, to farewell his friends and associates.

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Available at the Agora Market.

Direction: Spiros Alidakis
Script: Spiros Alidakis
Cinematography: George Tampakakis
Editing: Spiros Alidakis
Sound: Yannis Loukos
Music: Yannis Loukos
Actors: Maria Skoula, Amalia Moutousi, Stefania Goulioti, Smaragda Adamopoulou
Producers: Spiros Antonakos (Alidakis)
Sets: Georgia Bourda
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2021
Duration: 14'
Contact: Spiros Antonakos (Alidakis),

Spiros Alidakis

He is a director, screenwriter, and producer. He started his career in film and theater in 2002, as an assistant director next to Lefteris Vogiatzis and then as a manager at the Cyclades Street Theater. He has directed two plays, one feature film, and seven short films.


2008 Golgonooza (short)
2013 Myth (short)
2017 Facing Acropolis (short)
2021 Last Visit (short)