Onoda – 10.000 Nights in the Jungle

Onoda – 10.000 nuits dans la jungle

62nd TIFF: Greek Premiere

The film that opened Cannes’ “Un Certain Regard” section in July 2021 takes us to Japan in the year 1944. Trained for intelligence work, Hiroo Onoda, 22 years old, discovers a philosophy contrary to the official line: no suicide, stay alive whatever happens, the mission is more important than anything else. Sent to Lubang, a small island in the Philippines where the Americans are about to land, his role will be to wage a guerilla war until the return of the Japanese troops. The Empire will surrender soon after, Onoda 10,000 days later.

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Direction: Arthur Harari
Script: Arthur Harari & Vincent Poymiro (with the collaboration of Bernard Cendron, freely inspired by the life of Hiroo Onoda)
Cinematography: Tom Harari
Editing: Laurent Sénéchal
Sound: Ivan Dumas, Andreas Hildebrandt, Alek «Bunic» Goosse
Music: Sebastiano De Gennaro, Enrico Gabrielli, Andrea Poggio, Gak Sato, Οlivier Marguerit
Actors: Yūya Endō, Kanji Tsuda, Yūya Matsuura, Tetsuya Chiba, Shinsuke Katō, Kai Inowaki
Production: bathysphere, To Be Continued
Producers: Nicolas Anthomé
Co-production: Ascent Film, Chipangu, Frakas Productions, Pandora Film Produktion, Anti-Archive, Arte France Cinéma, RAI Cinema, Proximus
Costumes: Catherine Marchand, Patricia Saive
Sets: Brigitte Brassard
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: France, Japan, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Cambodia
Production Year: 2021
Duration: 167'
Contact: Le Pacte

Arthur Harari

Arthur Harari was born in Paris in 1981 and has directed several short and medium-length films that have been screened in a large number of festivals. In 2017, his first film Dark Inclusion was nominated for two César awards and won Best Male Newcomer for Niels Schneider. In 2021, his new film Onoda – 10000 Nights in the Jungle opened the “Un Certain Regard” section at the Cannes Festival.


2005 Des jours dans la rue (short)
2006 Le Petit (short)
2007 La Main sur la gueule (short)
2013 Peine perdue (short)
2016 Dark Inclusion
2021 Onoda – 10.000 Nights in the Jungle