Un Monde

62nd TIFF: Greek Premiere

Belgium. Nowadays. 7-year-old Nora and her big brother Abel are back to school. When Nora witnesses Abel being bullied by other kids, she rushes to protect him by warning their father. But Abel forces her to remain silent. Caught in a conflict of loyalty, Nora will ultimately try to find her place, torn between the world of children and adulthood.

Screening Schedule

No physical screenings scheduled.

Direction: Laura Wandel
Script: Laura Wandel
Cinematography: Frédéric Noirhomme
Editing: Nicolas Rumpl
Sound: Thomas Grimm-Landsberg
Actors: Maya Vanderbeque, Günter Duret, Karim Leklou, Laura Verlinden
Production: Dragons Films
Producers: Stéphane Lhoest
Co-production: Lunanime
Co-producers: Jan de Clercq
Costumes: Vanessa Evrard
Production Design: Philippe Bertin
Make Up: Katja Piepenstock
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Belgium
Production Year: 2021
Duration: 72'
Distribution in Greece: Cinobo
Contact: Indie Sales

Laura Wandel

Laura Wandel was born in 1984 in Belgium where she studied filmmaking at the IAD school. Her school film, Murs, was selected in many festivals around the world. After her first short film, O négatif, she directed in 2014 Les Corps étrangers selected in competition at Cannes Film Festival. Playground is her first feature.


2007 Murs
2011 O Négatif
2014 Les Corps étrangers | Foreign Bodies
2021 Un Monde | Playground