The Employer and the Employee

El empleado y el patrón

62nd TIFF: Greek Premiere

The employer is a young man who apparently has everything going on for him except one pressing concern: his baby’s health. The employee is looking for a job to support his newborn too, so he does not hesitate when the former decides to hire him to work in his lands, even if he lacks the experience. They will both meet their needs by helping each other. But one day an accident happens... This unexpected event will strain the ties between them, endangering the fate of the two families.

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Direction: Manuel Nieto Zas
Script: Manuel Nieto Zas
Cinematography: Arauco Hernández Holz
Editing: Pablo Riera
Sound: Catriel Vildosola
Music: Holocausto Vegetal, Buenos Muchachos
Actors: Nahuel Pérez Biscayart, Cristian Borges, Justina Bustos
Production: Roken Films
Producers: Manuel Nieto, Bárbara Francisco, Georgina Baisch, Cecilia Salim, Paola Wink, Michael Wahrmann, Julia Alves, Nathalie Trafford
Co-production: Pasto, Murillo Cine, Vulcana, Sancho&Punta, Paraíso Production
Costumes: Lucía Gasconi
Production Design: Alejandro Castiglioni, Nicole Davrieux
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, France
Production Year: 2021
Duration: 107'
Contact: Latido Films

Manuel Nieto Zas

Manuel Nieto Zas (Montevideo, 1972) is part of the new generation of Uruguayan cinema. In 2006, he wrote and directed his debut feature film, La Perrera (The Dog Pound), which won the Tiger Award at the Rotterdam Film Festival. It was followed by El lugar del hijo (The Militant, 2013), which – in addition to writing and directing – he also produced. It premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and won, among other awards, the Fipresci Award at the Havana Film Festival. The Employer and the Employee won the Egeda Award at San Sebastian Film Festival in 2020 and had its Premiere at the Quinzaine earlier this year.


2006 La Perrera | The Dog Pound
2013 El Lugar del hijo | The Militant
2021 The Employer and the Employee