Cloves & Carnations

Bir Tutam Karanfil

63rd TIFF: European Premiere

In the snowy and desolate roads of South Eastern Anatolia. An elderly refugee carries the corpse of his deceased wife to their homeland, with his 12-year-old granddaughter still carrying the trauma of war... Their journey becomes more difficult as they get closer to the border of a country at war. Once they get caught up by the police, their ways separate into three different destinations. Embarking from the conviction that we are all immigrants in this world, as we somehow came here and we will soon have to go back, this beautifully crafted film about the journey and rituals of loss and mourning asks persistently a burning question. After all, what are the things we carry?

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Direction: Bekir Bülbül
Script: Büşra Bülbül, Bekir Bülbül
Cinematography: Barış Aygen
Editing: Eren Sabri Öztürk, Bekir Bülbül
Sound: Umut Şenyol, Duygu Çelik
Actors: Demir Parscan, Şam Şerit Zeydan, Bahadır Efe, Tahsin Lale, Yiğit Ege Yazar, Selçuk Şimşek, Fırat Kaymak, Emine Çiftçi, Serkan Bilgi
Production: Filmcode
Producers: Halil Kardaş
Co-production: Bo Dream Productions
Co-producers: Bozena Bogdziewicz-Onkol
Costumes: Banu Çelik
Make Up: Ayşe Yılmaz
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Türkiye
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 103΄
Contact: Alpha Violet

Bekir Bülbül

Bekir Bülbül was born in Konya, Turkey. He graduated from the Computer Science Department of Sakarya University and completed his MA degree in Theater in Istanbul Haliç University. His first short documentary film Bulgur Mill (2016) was selected by many festivals. His debut film My Short Words premiered at the 37th Istanbul Film Festival,it was screened at more than thirty festivals, and won many Grand Prizes. He was invited to the 2018 Isfahan Film Festival in Iran and the 49th Roshd Film Festival as a member of the international jury.


2016 Bulgur Mill (short doc)
2018 My Short Words
2022 Cloves & Carnations