63rd TIFF: Greek Premiere

Summer 1900, in a valley in southern Switzerland. Elisabeth, 17, is about to take her vows when the sudden death of her older sister forces her to leave the convent and return to the family farm she had left five years earlier. But Elisabeth is no longer a child. Stifled by the suffocating and strict rules of the village and obsessed with the mysteries surrounding her sister’s disappearance, she will fight for her right to experiment.  A compelling portrayal of a character who fights for freedom to love, which society would rather censor forever.

Screening Schedule

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Direction: Carmen Jaquier
Script: Carmen Jaquier
Cinematography: Marine Atlan
Editing: Xavier Sirven
Sound: Carlos Ibañez Diaz, Raphaël Sohier, Matthieu Fichet, Denis Séchaud
Music: Nicolas Rabaeus
Actors: Lilith Grasmug, Mermoz Melchior, Benjamin Python, Sabine Timoteo, François Revaclier
Production: Close Up Films
Producers: Flavia Zanon, Joëlle Bertossa
Co-production: Radio Télévision Suisse – SRG SSR
Costumes: Mariel Manuel, Geneviève Maulini
Production Design: Ivan Niclass, Rekha Musale
Make Up: Emmanuelle Olivet Pellegrin
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Switzerland
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 92΄
Contact: WTFilms

Carmen Jaquier

Born in Geneva, Switzerland, Carmen Jaquier studied graphic design, before making her first short film Eat me! and entering the Cantonal School of Art in Lausanne (ECAL). Her graduation film The Girls’ Grave received the Pardino d’argento at the Locarno Film Festival (2011). She then explored image and editing within the Aamen collective. Her films The River under the Tongue and Wonderland (collective feature film), were selected at the Locarno Film Festival in 2015. She also worked as director of photography on a few movies by artist Nagi Gianni, and on A Bright Light – Karen and the Process by Emmanuelle Antille, presented at the Festival Visions du Réel (2018). Thunder is her first feature film.


2004 Bouffe moi! | Eat Me! (short)
2011 Le tombeau des filles | The Girls’ Grave (short)
2013 Le bal des sirènes | At the Mermaid Parade (short)
2015 La rivière sous la langue | The River under the Tongue (short)
2016 Za nase zvijezde | To Our Stars (short)
2022 Foudre | Thunder