The Good Driver

The Good Driver

63rd TIFF: World Premiere

Ivan, a Bulgarian taxi driver living at the Golden Sands tourist resort together with his best friend, is trying to save money in order to go to Finland to meet his wife and son. Ivan gets into trouble with local criminals and is forced to move back to his late mother’s house in his rugged childhood village by the Turkish border. This is where he starts working for the local mayor in the line of business he’s been trying to avoid. The film draws a picture of a Balkan man trying to cope with difficult circumstances and his own past mistakes. Maybe it is only friendship and loyalty that’ll help us when things get rough.

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Direction: Tonislav Hristov
Script: Kaarle Aho, Tonislav Hristov, Konstantin Bojanov
Cinematography: Orlin Ruevski
Editing: Mervi Junkkonen
Sound: Gustaf Berger
Music: Lisa Nordström
Actors: Malin Krastev, Gerasim Georgiev, Slava Doycheva, Yoana Ilieva, Anna Bankina, Kitodar Todorov, Nikola Dodov, Yonko Dimitrov, Ivan Fransuzov, Ivan Halachev, Iskren Panchev
Production: Making Movies
Producers: Kaarle Aho, Kai Nordberg
Co-production: Soul Food, Film i Väst, Cinenic
Co-producers: Andrea Stanoeva, Kristina Börjeson, Rickard Olsson, Annika Hellström, Erika Malmgren
Costumes: Eka Bichinashvili
Production Design: Severina Stoyanova
Make Up: Rositza Gerassimova
Format: DCP
Color: Colour
Production Country: Finland, Sweden, Bulgaria
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 99΄
Contact: Making Movies

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