A lonely woman on a distant planet. A creature that fell from the sky. A storm is coming.

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Direction: Lia Tsalta
Script: Lia Tsalta
Cinematography: Yannis Kanakis
Editing: Yorgos Zafiris
Sound: Stelios Koupetoris
Music: Alexandros Drymonitis
Actors: Eleni Vergeti, Melina Kotselou
Producers: Ioanna Petinaraki, Ana Maria Pirvan, Lia Tsalta
Costumes: Dimitra Sourlantzi
Sets: Dimitra Sourlantzi
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Duration: 18΄
Contact: Ioanna Petinaraki (, Ana Maria Pirvan (, Lia Tsalta (
Awards/Distinctions: Best Cinematography (Yannis Kanakis), Best Original Music Score (Alexandros Drimonitis)

Lia Tsalta

Lia Tsalta is a scriptwriter and director based in Athens. She is a Sarajevo Talents Script Station alumna and has been awarded an ARTWORKS fellowship by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. Her very first short film The Forest premiered at the 24th Sarajevo Film Festival and screened in competition at festivals such as the Encounters Short Film Festival, the Upsalla International Short Film Festival, and Brussels Short Film Festival.


2018 The Forest (short)
2022 Magma (short)