A coming-of-age story about two sisters leading their lives in different directions, who are summoned to a night’s call of decision making. In a frantic attempt to truffle out money, they come up against visions of both a traumatic past and a disturbing reality, while realizing how difficult it is for a family to make ends meet.

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Direction: Despina Mavridou
Script: Kalliopi Arampatzi
Cinematography: Angelos Charalambous
Editing: Fotis Korosiadis
Sound: Elli Fotiou, Marios Apostolakoulis (11 Grey Studio)
Music: Evangelia Mavridou
Actors: Elina Tsiormpatzi, Eleni Georgaki, Angelos Kourepis, Nikolas Nikitakis
Production: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh), Faculty of Fine Arts, School of Film
Producers: Diana Kokozidou
Costumes: Eva Kourelia, Eleni Sabri
Sets: Eva Kourelia, Eleni Sabri
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Duration: 29΄
Contact: Diana Kokozidou (
Awards/Distinctions: Best Set Design (Eva Kourelia & Eleni Sambri), Best Acting (Elina Tsiorbatzi & Eleni Georgaki), Best Greek Student Film “Frida Liappa” Award

Despina Mavridou

Despina Mavridou was born and raised in Athens in 1988. She studied photography at Leica Academy. She currently lives and works in Athens and is also a student at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of Film Studies.


2015 Homemade Apple Pie (short)
2018 Blind Man’s Buff (short)
2022 Hussies (short)