Summer ends, and with that, every illusion of reality slowly fades away. What happens if you want to hold on to this illusion no matter what?

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Available at the Agora Market TIFF63.

Direction: Stelios Christoforou
Script: Stelios Christoforou
Cinematography: Michael Kalidonis
Editing: Dimitris Vatsios
Sound: Christos Sakellariou, Orestis Kaberidis
Music: Molyneaux & Hydrama
Actors: Eirini Lafazani, Liza Khukhua, Sotiris Manikas, Michalis Psalidas, Tamilla Kulieva
Production: University of Sussex
Producers: Evgenia Tsori
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Duration: 26΄
Contact: Evgenia Tsori (
Awards/Distinctions: Best Script (Stelios Christoforou)

Stelios Christoforou

Stelios Christoforou was born in 2000 in Athens and studied filmmaking at the University of Sussex in England. He came back to Greece to film his first short, which he started writing at the age of 18. With this film, he aspires to create a connection with the audience, evoking their memories of the past.


2022 Sammer