63rd TIFF: Greek Premiere

Julian is a successful video game designer tortured by a dark secret. When Diana appears in his life, Julian will begin to see a chance at happiness. This is the story of a real monster, one of those that live among us and that you can meet in the metro or at the bakery. A film about the need to love and be loved, and the struggle against one’s own darkness. A film about love and monsters in modern times.

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Direction: Carlos Vermut
Script: Carlos Vermut
Cinematography: Alana Mejía González
Editing: Emma Tusell
Sound: Antonio Mejías, Roberto Fernández
Actors: Nacho Sánchez, Clara Hails
Production: Aquí y Allí Films, Bteam Prods
Producers: Pedro Hernández, Alex Lafuente
Costumes: Vinyet Escobar
Production Design: Laia Ateca
Executive producer: Andrea Moya, Lara López-Camiña, Ania Jones
Make Up: Genoveva Gámez
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Spain
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 116΄
Contact: Film Factory Entertainment

Carlos Vermut

Carlos Vermut (Madrid, 1980) wrote and directed his first feature film, Diamond Flash in 2011, which he produced himself and distributed independently. The result is a surprising film that received great critical acclaim and automatically became a cult film. In 2014, he wrote and directed his second feature film Magical Girl, winning the Golden Shell for Best Film and the Silver Shell for Best Director at the San Sebastian International Film Festival, becoming one of the most interesting directors on the Spanish film scene. The film was presented at the Official Selection of the Toronto International Film Festival and was nominated for seven Goya Awards. With his third feature film, Quién Te Cantará, Carlos Vermut builds one of the most acclaimed films of 2018, consolidating a brilliant career. The film was presented at the Toronto and San Sebastian International Film Festivals. Before dedicating himself fully to cinema, Carlos Vermut worked as a comic book artist while producing and directing his short films.


2011 Diamond Flash
2014 Magical Girl 
2018 Quién te Cantará
2022 Manticore