63rd TIFF: International Premiere

A close-knit family is disrupted when the father fails to resurface during a professional dive. No funeral, no goodbye, just a house full of memories. Burdened by the elusive loss, Merel evades her husband’s death and everything related to it. Her young children become entangled in their search for answers, eventually bringing the family to a hard stand. Merel has no choice but to face the loss in her own unique way, to start a new life together.

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No physical screenings scheduled.

Available at the Agora Market TIFF63.

Direction: Martijn de Jong
Script: Laura van Dijk, Martijn de Jong
Cinematography: Martijn van Broekhuizen
Editing: Lot Rossmark
Sound: Jan Schermer, Luuk Hoogstraten, Claas Meier
Music: Jorrit Kleijnen, Jacob Meijer
Actors: Thekla Reuten, Merel Lola van Zoggel, Ronja Sepp Ritsema, Boris Fedja van Huêt, John Vincent van der Valk
Production: OAK Motion Pictures
Producers: Trent
Costumes: Manon Blom
Production Design: Romke Faber
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: The Netherlands
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 112΄
Contact: Coccinelle Film

Martijn de Jong

Martijn graduated with honors at the Willem de Kooning Academy in 2004 and worked as a creative director for several advertising agencies. He decided to study at the Dutch Film Academy, where he made several short films. He won advertising awards such as Spinawards, ADCN Awards, VCP Kodak Award, Esprix, and Cannes Lion.


2010 Dicht bij mij vandaan (short)
2013 Stand-by Me (short)
2022 Narcosis