To Each Their Voice: Theo Angelopoulos & Nikos Panayotopoulos

Θόδωρος Αγγελόπουλος – Νίκος Παναγιωτόπουλος: Ο καθένας και η μουσική του

63rd TIFF: International Premiere

In the mid-80s, Aegokeros publishing house intended, although without success, to publish a magazine themed around film and the theater. The main topic of each issue would be a conversation (in the form of an interview) between two auteurs, either of cinema or theater. Theo Angelopoulos and Nikos Panayotopoulos were chosen by the editorial board for the first issue. The two of them were indisputably the key figures of Greek cinema at the time, and they were also placed among the pioneers of New Greek Cinema. In this context, Antonis Kokkinos and Yannis Soldatos recorded a three-hour interview between Theo and Nikos, on a summer evening at Angelopoulos’s house in the area of Mati, by the sea of Attica. The interview brought to the fore their shared trajectory, but also the different routes they followed from one point onwards, starting from their years in Paris and moving to their spectacularly failed attempt to prepare Angelopoulos’s first film – In the short film The Forminx, Panayotopoulos worked as an assistant director. Thirty-five years later, this previously unreleased conversation was traced in-between tapes and transcripts! Given that the two protagonists have passed away, this conversation stands as a valuable piece of documentation of the creators’ perspective on their own work (both the existing and the future), as well as a thorough insight into New Greek Cinema and world cinema by and large.

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Direction: Antonis Kokkinos, Yannis Soldatos
Script: Antonis Kokkinos, Yannis Soldatos
Cinematography: Nikos Vassilopoulos
Editing: Pericles Eliou
Sound: Yorgos Kartalos
Production: ANAV Productions
Producers: Nikos Vassilopoulos
Co-production: Greek Film Center, ERT SA
Make Up: Irini Mantziou
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 76΄
Contact: ANAV Productions (

Antonis Kokkinos

Antonis Kokkinos is a Civil Engineer, and a graduate of the NTUA. He studied cinema at Stavrakos Film School, while working as an assistant director with Nikos Nikolaidis and Thanasis Renzis, among others. His first feature film The End of an Era won eight state awards and participated in more than 40 international film festivals worldwide. He has directed a lot of feature and short films, documentaries, and TV series. He has also worked as a radio producer for many years. He teaches cinema at private schools. He has run educational film programs in the prisons of Korydallos and Thebes since 2018.


1994 End of an Εra
1996 Escape
1998 My Brother and I
2000 Dream a Little Dream of Me (short)
2001 Very Poor INC.
2004 Marathon
2022 To Each Their Voice: Theo Angelopoulos & Nikos Panayotopoulos (doc)

Yannis Soldatos

Yannis Soldatos is a film historian, novelist, playwright, and filmmaker. Born in Lefkada, he is the author of the History of Greek Cinema and the founder of Aegokeros publications. He has written and published, among others, the books: In Aries Constellation (novel), Alexis Damianos (critical biography), The Riddle (novel), Thanassis Vengos; An All-Weather Man (biography), Love Underwater (novel), Dionysus; King of the Mountains (novel), The Odyssey of Bodies in Nikos Koundouros’s Work (biography), Α History of Nudity in Film (critical research), Lovestruck

Train (novel), Greek Cinema and Greek Literature (critical research). He has created the television series Adventure of a Poem and The Book. He has also directed the features Theofilos Tsafos’s Apology, Steps, The Riddle, Love Underwater, The Lives of Saints, Fyodor, the Player, Apache Invasion; the documentary An All-Weather Man, and other documentary films for television. Twenty of his plays have been published and staged. He has taught cinema history in film and drama schools. He served as the General Secretary of the Greek Association of Film Critics, and the President of the Association of Book Publishers.


2004 Thanasis Vengos; An All-Weather Man
2005 Love Underwater
2010 Bodies’ Odyssey in Nikos Koundouros’s Work (doc)
2014 Apache Invasion
2022 To Each Their Voice: Theo Angelopoulos & Nikos Panayotopoulos (doc)