The Feeling that the Time for Doing Something has Passed

The Feeling that the Time for Doing Something has Passed

64th TIFF: Greek Premiere

If you’ve ever had the sense that your daily life could be the script of a story penned by someone who's uncertain about the delicate boundary between the hilariously absurd and the infuriatingly exasperating, then this film is tailor-made for you. Meet Anne, the central character, a skilled juggler trying to balance an uninteresting job, unfulfilling relationships, and a captivating sense of social and familial awkwardness. Along the way, she effortlessly becomes your new best friend! This sharp, brilliantly witty comedy, infused with a biting edge and elements of BDSM, serves as a roadmap for the tumultuous journey of adulthood. It's also a guide for millennials and anyone who has ever felt like they didn't quite belong. Joanna Arnow fearlessly takes on multiple roles as the film's writer, director, and star, injecting her work with a passionate perspective that vividly highlights the uncomfortable, illogical, and surreal aspects of our social construct. The result? The funniest film of the year.

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Direction: Joanna Arnow
Script: Joanna Arnow
Cinematography: Barton Cortright
Editing: Joanna Arnow
Sound: Maxwell di Paolo, Matt Liebowitz, Edwin Diagon
Music: Robinson Senpauroca
Actors: Scott Cohen, Babak Tafti, Joanna Arnow, Michael Cyril Creighton, Alysia Reiner
Production: Magnetic Labs, Ravenser Odd, Nice Dissolve
Producers: Graham Swon, Pierce Varous
Co-producers: Daniel Ryniker, Mila Matveeva
Costumes: Nell Simon
Production Design: Grace Sloan
Executive producer: Sean Baker, Adam Mirels, Robbie Mirels
Sets: Andrea Rummans
Make Up: Dawn Campbell
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: USA
Production Year: 2023
Duration: 87'

Joanna Arnow

Joanna Arnow is a filmmaker, actor, and writer based in Brooklyn. She wrote and directed Bad at Dancing, a narrative short that was awarded the Berlinale Silver Bear Jury Prize and is currently streaming on the Criterion Channel paired with Jules and Jim. Joanna’s most recent short Laying Out premiered at New York Film Festival and was selected as a festival highlight in The New Yorker. She also directed several other films including the personal documentary feature i hate myself :), a film that was named on top ten lists at IndieWire and Fandor. Her films have screened at other festivals including Rotterdam, Hong Kong International and Guanajuato. In addition to making films, Joanna works as an actor and writer.


2013 i hate myself:)
2015 Bad at Dancing (short)
2019 Arnow in Laying Out (short)
2023 The Feeling That the Time for Doing Something Has Passed