64th TIFF: Greek Premiere
Far from this world: that’s how the teenage protagonist lives, traveling with her father to the other side of Russia, running away from the country they once called home, seeking freedom. They live in their truck, which serves not only as a living capsule filled with memories and emotions but also as a roaming cinema that offers unique images to the audience in exchange for a small income. Their journey is both literal and metaphorical, almost metaphysical. It’s a journey into a ghost world, in a place they no longer recognize. An escape trajectory from the inhospitable reality, filmed in a timeless, poetic manner reminiscent of Tarkovsky's cinema. Ilya Povolotsky’s debut in fiction (many will remember his documentary Froth, which was screened at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival) is a wholly independent film that doesn’t succumb to any norms and proves that a radically different cinema is possible – even in today’s Russia.
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Direction: Ilya Povolotsky
Script: Ilya Povolotsky
Cinematography: Nikolay Zheludovich
Editing: Aleksandr Kletsov, Ilya Povolotsky
Sound: Alexander Krotov, Andrey Dergachev
Music: Zurkas Tepla
Actors: Maria Lukyanova, Gela Chitava, Eldar Safikanov, Ksenia Kutepova
Production: Blackchamber
Producers: Ivan Nechaev, Ilya Povolotsky
Production Design: Zlata Kalmina, Elya Strezhenyuk
Executive producer: Irakli Beridze, Yaroslav Kozlov
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Russia
Production Year: 2023
Duration: 120'
Contact: Pascale Ramonda

Ilya Povolotsky


2017 Northerners (short)
2019 Froth
2023 Grace (fiction)
2023 Mud