Living Dangerously

BIOS + Πολιτεία

On the day of the World Cup Final, Karamanos, an employee of TOE (the Hellenic Telecom Organisation) connects the CEO’s personal computer to a complex explosive device. He threatens to blow up the floor and the satellite links on the upper one, unless he is allowed to appear on the national network ten minutes before the soccer match.  His aim is to denounce the evils that haunt the lives of the Greek citizens, rendering them victims of a corrupted, party-controlled state.

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Direction: Nikos Perakis
Script: Nikos Perakis
Cinematography: Yorgos Panousopoulos
Editing: Yannis Tsitsopoulos
Sound: Nikos Ahladis
Music: Nikos Mamangakis
Actors: Yorgos Kimoulis, Dimitris Kalivokas, Yorgos Kotanidis, Takis Moschos, Pavlos Kontogiannidis, Vana Barmpa, Dimitris Poulikakos, Alkis Panagiotidis
Production: SYNERGASIA (Stefi Film)
Producers: Vassilis Katsoufis
Co-production: Greek Film Centre, Home Video Hellas (HVH), Spentzos Film, Nikos Perakis Filmproduktion
Costumes: Aphroditi Kotzia
Sets: Aphroditi Kotzia
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece, Germany
Production Year: 1987
Duration: 101'
Distribution in Greece: TFG (
Contact: Femeway (UK)

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Nikos Perakis

Born in Alexandria, Egypt, in 1944 to Greek parents. He studied costume and stage design at the Munich Fine Arts Academy (1962–66) and worked as a set designer in minor theatrical and TV productions. After his military service (1966–69), in the “Armed Forces Television” unit, he re-emigrated and worked as a set, costume, and production designer for many notable productions in Germany and later in Greece. In 1971, he started writing, directing, and producing his own films, first in Germany and then in Greece, where he decided to settle in 2000.


1971 Das Goldene Ding (co-direction)
1972 Die Wohngenossin
1976 Bomber & Paganini
1979 Milo Milo 1982
Arpa Colla
1984 Loafing and Camouflage
1987 Living Dangerously
1997 Paterfamilias
1999 Female Company
2001 The Bubble
2002 Liza and All the Others
2005 Sirens in the Aegean
2007 Cool
2010 Artherapy
2011 Sirens on the Rocks
2017 Success Story