64th TIFF: Greek Premiere
Inspired by real individuals and events, Michael Winterbottom's new film transports us to British-occupied Palestine in 1938. The central character is the young Jewish woman Shosanna, a dynamic socialist dedicated to the struggle for an independent Jewish state. Amidst the charged atmosphere of the era, in a place that is constantly on the brink of turmoil, Shosanna falls in love with an English policeman. As a vehicle for a poignant, archetypal tale of forbidden love, Shosanna is a meticulously directed film with sharp dialogues, carrying high ambitions. It delves into the genesis of Israel, while vividly depicting the bloody madness of conflicting nationalisms in Palestine during the interwar period. Offering a penetrating commentary on the rise and fall of ideals, the horrors of blind violence, and the tumultuous currents of history, Shosanna is a pivotal work in Michael Winterbottom’s filmography, leaving the audience with a shudder at the thought of the tragic figures who were its inspiration.
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Direction: Michael Winterbottom
Script: Michael Winterbottom, Laurence Coriat, Paul Viragh
Cinematography: Giles Nuttgens
Editing: Marc Richardson
Sound: Rob Farr, Joakim Sundström, Will Whale
Music: David Holmes
Actors: Harry Melling, Irina Starshenbaum, Douglas Booth, Aury Alby, Ian Hart
Production: Revolution Films, Bartlebyfilm
Producers: Melissa Parmenter, Josh Hyams, Luigi Napoleone, Massimo Di Rocco
Costumes: Anthony Unwin
Production Design: Sergio Tribastone
Make Up: Alessandra Giacci
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Italy, UK
Production Year: 2023
Duration: 119'
Contact: Vision Distribution

Michael Winterbottom

A talented and intelligent British filmmaker of intense and often introspective relationship dramas, Michael Winterbottom has displayed a wide array of diverse film projects that ranged from neo-noir thrillers and political docudramas to gritty family melodramas and satirical comedies. After getting his start with Thames Television, Winterbottom made his feature debut with the lesbian-centric noir Butterfly Kiss (1995) before his ambitious take on Thomas Hardy’s novel, Jude (1996). He earned considerable international acclaim for his searing war drama, Welcome to Sarajevo (1997), which unflinchingly depicted the horror of the brutal war in Yugoslavia. After the interesting, but little-seen revisionist Western, The Claim (2000), Winterbottom offered a restless kaleidoscope of images accompanied by a stellar soundtrack for 24 Hour Party People (2002), which once again helped boost his international acclaim. By the time he directed Casey Affleck in The Killer Inside Me (2010), Winterbottom was considered to be one of the more artistically daring directors working in contemporary cinema.


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1996 Jude
1998 I Want You
1999 Wonderland
2000 The Claim
2002 24 Hour Party People
2004 9 Songs
2006 The Road to Guantanamo
2008 A Summer in Genoa
2010 The Killer Inside Me
2012 Everyday
2014 The Trip to Italy
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