Maria Callas: Letters and Memoirs

Maria Callas: Lettere e memorie

64th TIFF: International Premiere
An invaluable imprint of the world tour of the play Maria Callas: Letters and Memories, starring Monica Bellucci as the great opera diva. Through the chronicle of the tour, which lasted from November 2019 to January 2023, we observe and compare two different eras (the current one and the one in which Callas reached the apex of fame), while at the same time, we partake to and witness an essential dialogue between the great contemporary Italian actress and the voice that marked the 20th century: two women who, despite their different background, meet in retrospect due to their love of art. After Maria by Callas, Tom Volf collaborates with Yannis Dimolitsas to portray the iconic figure of opera with new narrative tools, looking back to her childhood in New York till her last years in Athens, following her footsteps towards international acclaim, and analyzing her inner demons with profound sensitivity.
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Direction: Tom Volf, Yannis Dimolitsas
Script: Tom Volf
Editing: Yannis Dimolitsas, Alex Kerasopoulos, Federica Forcesi
Actors: Monica Bellucci
Production: (SIC) Pictures, Ibla Film, Musa Production, Volf Productions
Producers: Samy Boudiaf, Charles Benoin, Stanislas Wicker, Monica Bellucci, Eleonora Pratelli
Co-production: Faliro House Productions, Lupin Film
Co-producers: Riccardo Neri
Executive producer: Christos V. Konstantakopoulos, Andreas Zoupanos Kritikos
Format: DCP
Color: B/W
Production Country: France, Italy, Greece
Production Year: 2023
Duration: 73'
Contact: Ibla Film

Tom Volf

A French director who is active in both theater and cinema. His passion for Maria Callas motivated him to travel the world in search of the last surviving members of her generation and those who truly knew her. The result was the documentary Maria by Callas, and he also published two books about the opera diva. His third book about her, titled Maria Callas: Letters & Memoirs, became a successful theatrical production, with Monica Bellucci in the role of Callas, which in turn led to the creation of the documentary of the same name.


2017 Maria by Callas
2023 Maria Callas: Letters and Memoirs

Yannis Dimolitsas

A Greek director known for creating commercials for leading companies including Mercedes, Yves Saint Laurent and Coca-Cola. In addition to his advertising work, he has directed music videos for renowned artists that have garnered significant acclaim and awards. Moreover, he recently wrapped up the short film The Music Critic, featuring John Malkovich in the lead role.


2023 Maria Callas: Letters and Memoirs
2023 The Music Critic (short)