Tribute to Joanna Hogg

Α tribute to the work of a pioneer of a new wave in British cinema, who radically transforms the realist tradition of this national cinematography, focusing like none of her peers in human inner and external human landscapes. A tribute that reveals her penetrating, tender gaze, and her journey since the 1980s, when she was still shooting experimental films with a Super 8 camera she borrowed from her mentor Derek Jarman.

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02 November 2019
20:00 The Souvenir | The Souvenir OLYMPION ID: 116
03 November 2019
13:30 Exhibition | Exhibition OLYMPION ID: 213
15:30 Archipelago | Archipelago FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 244
08 November 2019
18:00 The Souvenir | The Souvenir FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 745
10 November 2019
13:30 Caprice | Caprice PAVLOS ZANNAS ID: 923
13:30 Unrelated | Unrelated PAVLOS ZANNAS ID: 923