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Films of particular signifcance by flmmakers with a unique background and histor

  • A Faithful Man
    L'Homme Fidèle Louis Garrel 2018, France
    Eight years after their separation, Abel meets Marianne in a funeral. Marianne has just lost her partner, father of her child, and former best friend of Abel. This tragic loss ...

  • Between Two Waters
    Entre Dos Aguas Isaki Lacuesta 2018, Spain
    Twelve years have passed since The Legend of Time, Isaki Lacuesta’s film which has introduced us to two Roma brothers: Isra and Cheíto meet after many years in their hometown ...

  • Dogman
    Dogman Matteo Garrone 2018, Italy, France
    In the dark suburbs of an undefined Italian city, a humble poor devil who makes a living as a dog caretaker and seems to communicate with animals better than he ...

  • Girl
    Girl Lukas Dhont 2018, Belgium, The Netherlands
    Fifteen-year-old Lara is determined to become a professional ballerina and tries by any means necessary to overcome different obstacles: the harsh, antagonistic world of classic dance, the insecurity of adolescence, ...

  • Insect
    Hmyz Jan Švankmajer 2018, Czech Republic, Slovakia
    In a small town, a troupe of amateur actors rehearse the play The Life of Insects by Brothers Čapek, until they lose their grip on reality. The greatest living Czech ...

  • Leave No Trace
    Leave No Trace Debra Granik 2018, USA
    A war veteran who has withdrawn from society and has settled in the depths of a national park in Oregon with his teenage daughter as his sole companion, will be ...

  • Mapplethorpe
    Mapplethorpe Ondi Timoner 2018, USA
    If the controversial, fiery queer photographer Robert Mapplethorpe became part of art history due to his emotive compositions of naked, exposed bodies and exotic, theatrical S&M scenes, this cinematic depiction ...

  • Maya
    Maya Mia Hansen-Løve 2018, France
    December 2012. After four months in captivity in Syria, twο French war correspondents are released. The youngest of the two decides to return to India for a while, the country ...

  • Roma
    Roma Alfonso Cuarón 2018, Mexico
    Alfonso Cuarón follows the footsteps of a young domestic worker for a family in Mexico City’s middle-class Roma neighborhood. Delivering a love hymn to the women who raised him, Cuarón ...

  • Shoplifters
    Manbiki Kazoku Hirokazu Kore-Eda 2018, Japan
    After one of their shoplifting sessions, Osamu and his son come across a little girl in the freezing cold. At first reluctant to shelter the girl, Osamu’s wife agrees to ...

  • Sunset
    Napszallta László Nemes 2018, Hungary, France
    Long before he shot his acclaimed masterpiece Son of Saul, director László Nemes was thinking of a story with a female protagonist who tries to understand a changing world: a ...

  • The Happy Prince
    The Happy Prince Rupert Everett 2018, Gernany, Belgium, Italy
    In a cheap Parisian hotel room, Oscar Wilde lies on his deathbed, lost in a vortex of memories. Was he once the most famous man in London? As the former ...

  • Vision
    Vision Naomi Kawase 2018, Japan, France
    Jeanne, a French journalist, comes to Japan in search of “Vision,” a rare medicinal herb that grows once in a millenial – every 997 years, in specific – and is ...

  • Yellow Submarine
    Yellow Submarine George Dunning 1968, UK
    An icon of psychedelic pop culture, Yellow Submarine is a colourful musical spectacle and an exhilaratingly joyful cinematic experience for all ages – filled with visual invention, optical illusions, wordplays, ...

01 November 2018
20:00 Shoplifters | Manbiki Kazoku OLYMPION ID: ---
02 November 2018
20:00 Sunset | Napszallta OLYMPION ID: 016
03 November 2018
20:30 Roma | Roma OLYMPION ID: 116
04 November 2018
13:00 Insect | Hmyz TONIA MARKETAKI ID: 233
19:00 Yellow Submarine | Yellow Submarine COO Cafe|Bar ID: ---
20:45 Dogman | Dogman OLYMPION ID: 216
05 November 2018
20:30 The Happy Prince | The Happy Prince OLYMPION ID: 316
23:00 Leave No Trace | Leave No Trace OLYMPION ID: 317
06 November 2018
12:00 Mapplethorpe | Mapplethorpe PAVLOS ZANNAS ID: 423
23:00 Vision | Vision OLYMPION ID: 417
07 November 2018
15:30 Insect | Hmyz STAVROS TORNES ID: 564
22:15 Mapplethorpe | Mapplethorpe TONIA MARKETAKI ID: 537
23:15 Maya | Maya OLYMPION ID: 517
08 November 2018
15:30 Dogman | Dogman STAVROS TORNES ID: 664
20:30 A Faithful Man | L'Homme Fidèle OLYMPION ID: 616
09 November 2018
20:30 Between Two Waters | Entre Dos Aguas OLYMPION ID: 716
10 November 2018
15:45 Maya | Maya STAVROS TORNES ID: 864
23:00 Leave No Trace | Leave No Trace FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 847
11 November 2018
19:00 Girl | Girl OLYMPION ID: 915
20:30 Between Two Waters | Entre Dos Aguas FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 946
23:00 Vision | Vision FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 947

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