Auto-destructive Adelaide, prudent Julia, and complacent Carolina are three sisters that grow up under the gaze of their mother, a former winner of the “Miss Portugal” pageant who feels that ageing affects her maternal instinct. When the mother disappears during the celebration of her 50th birthday, the three daughters set off for a fiery journey of self-discovery, accompanied by an unexpected male company: a trip to the unknown that will soon end up in tragedy… A chronicle of one of the most controversial crimes ever committed in Portugal, through the lens of a great new talent.
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Direction: Justin Amorim
Script: Justin Amorim
Cinematography: Edward A. Herrera
Editing: Justin Amorim, Alexandra Boskovich, Ricardo Flôxo
Sound: André Espada
Actors: Diana Marquês Guerra, Anabela Teixeira, Alba Baptista, Mikaela Lupu, José Fidalgo, João Mota,Ruben Rua, Pedro Barroso, Alda Gomes, Inês Aguiar, Joana Aguiar, João Pedro Correia, Vítor Silva Costa, Gabriella Brooks, Leonardo Martins
Production: Promenade Productions
Producer/Producers: Justin Amorim, José Amorim
Co-production: MasterDream – Digital Movie
Art Direction: Tomás Tojo, Carolina Belo Matias
Costumes: Amanda Amorim
Executive producer: Jenny Casimiro
Camera: Edward Herrera, Carlos Santos, João Miguel Branco, Bruno da Palma
Make Up: Marisa Francisco, Serena Grace Pereira
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Portugal
Production Year: 2018
Duration: 108'
World Sales: Reel Suspects,

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