Cold Meridian

Cold Meridian

Autonomous Sensory meridian response (ASMR), which has grown to become a YouTube sensation, can be defined as the tingling sensation on our scalp, cervix, and upper spine, followed by a feeling of slight euphoria and relaxation. In this entrancing short film, a series of repeated ASMR rituals immerse us in a hallucinatory and hovering world. Within this dreamlike and voyeuristic maelstrom, all certainties seem to take the form of distorted fantasies.

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Direction: Peter Strickland
Script: Peter Strickland
Cinematography: Márk Győri
Editing: Mátyás Fekete
Actors: Dalma Wéninger, Máté Váth, Juli Jakab, Márton Kristóf
Production: Mindwax
Producers: Dóra Nedeczky
Format: Digital File
Color: B/W
Production Country: Hungary, UK
Production Year: 2020
Contact: Mindwax

Peter Strickland

British director Peter Strickland was born in 1973 and began directing short films in the early 1990s. After a long hiatus from filmmaking during which he created culinary soundscapes with The Sonic Catering Band, he returned to film in the early 2000s and made his first feature, Katalin Varga, in 2009. Alongside further short and feature films, he has also written radio plays and has made a concert film for Björk, which he co-directed with Nick Fenton.


2004 A Metaphysical Education (short)
2005 Berberian Sound Studio (short)
2009 Katalin Varga
2012 Berberian Sound Studio
2014 The Duke of Burgundy
2017 Cobblers’ Lot (short)
2018 In Fabric
2019 GUO4 (short)
2020 Cold Meridian (short)
2022 Blank Narcissus (Passion of the Swamp) (short)
2022 Flux Gourmet