My Friend, Lefterakis

Ο φίλος μου, ο Λευτεράκης

In his effort to cover his love affairs from his wife, Theodoros has invented Lefterakis – an imaginary friend from Patras. His system seems to work, until, one day, Lefterakis shows up at his doorstep, alive and kicking. Τheodoros loses his mind and tries to convince Lefterakis that he does not… exist.

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Direction: Alekos Sakellarios
Script: Alekos Sakellarios
Cinematography: Nikos Dimopoulos
Editing: Nikos Kavoukidis
Music: Gerasimos Lavranos
Actors: Maro Kontou, Dinos Iliopoulos, Kostas Voutsas, Yorgos Konstantinou, Keti Panou, Christos Tsaganeas
Production: Finos Film
Sets: Markos Zervas
Make Up: Nikos Xepapadakos
Format: DCP
Color: B/W
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 1963
Duration: 90΄
Contact: Finos Film (

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Alekos Sakellarios

Alekos Sakellarios was a film director, playwright, screenwriter, lyricist, and journalist. Born in 1913 in Athens, he first studied law and started writing plays in 1934, delivering a total of over 200 plays and 60 film scripts. He started his career in 1946 and soon established himself as an inseparable collaborator of Finos Film with monumental films in Greek cinema, including Barrel Piano, Poverty, and Earnestness (1955), The Auntie from Chicago (1957), The Yellow Gloves (1961, Ace of Spade (1964), and My Hippy Aunt (1970), among others.


1946 Better the Devil You Know
1947 Marina
1948 The Germans Are Coming Again
1951 Those Not Allowed to Love
1955 No Harm’s Done
1955 Barrel Piano, Poverty, and Earnestness
1956 The Fortune Teller
1957 Barrel Piano, Poverty and Carnations
1957 The Auntie from Chicago
1958 Mrs. Midwife
1959 Astero
1959 The Policeman of the 16th Precinct
1959 Maiden’s Cheek
1960 Makrykostas and Kondogiorgis
1960 The Underdog
1961 The Yellow Gloves
1961 Alice in the Navy
1961 Lost Dreams
1961 Woe to the Young
1962 Runaway Bride
1963 My Friend, Lefterakis
1964 Ace of Spades
1966 A Matter of Earnestness
1967 Groom from London
1970 A Crazy... Crazy... 40-year-old
1970 My Hippy Aunt
1971 Bridegroom Urgently Wanted
1972 The Countess of Corfu
1972 Rena Is Offside