The Shadowless Tower

Bai Ta Zhi Guang

64th TIFF: Greek Premiere

An introspective food critic tentatively slips away from the heavy shadow of his familial past, both near and distant, as he embarks on a flirtatious dalliance with a young, dynamic photographer who also happens to be his collaborator. With enviable directorial mastery, a deep belief in romance, imaginative touches of magical realism, and a landmark used as a reference point in the heart of Beijing – The Shadowless Tower – Zhang Lu sheds light on our unseen existential loops, with the conviction that there is always an escape route from the narrative that insists on defining us. For many, this year’s standout film from Asia goes beyond being an unexpected breath of fresh air in the tired genre of romantic comedy; it serves as an ode to second chances and the genuine value of change, unburdened by the fear of the new shadow that will be cast.

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Available at the Agora Market TIFF64.

Direction: Zhang Lu
Script: Zhang Lu
Cinematography: Piao Songri
Editing: Liu Xinzhu
Sound: Wang Ran
Music: Xiao He
Actors: Xin Baiqing, Huang Yao, Tian Zhuangzhuang
Production: Shanghai Lu Films Co., Ltd
Producers: Xu Jiahan, Peng Jin
Co-production: Beijing Nanji Flim Co., Ltd.
Costumes: Bai Yun
Production Design: Zheng Yican
Executive producer: Liu Wenli
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: China
Production Year: 2023
Duration: 144'
Contact: Films Boutique
Awards/Distinctions: Tiantan Award for Best Actor, Tiantan Award for Best Artistic Contribution, Tiantan Award for Best Cinematography (Songri Piao), Tiantan Award for Best Screenplay (Lu Zhang), Tiantan Award for Best Supporting Actor (Zhuangzhuang – Beijing IFF 2023

Zhang Lu

Zhang Lu was born in Yanbian, China in 1962. In 2004 he directed his first feature, Tang Poetry, which was selected for Locarno. He then began his career as a film director in both Chinese and Korean, making more than ten feature films. His next film, Grain in Ear (2005) won the Prix ACIDCCAS at Cannes Critics’ Week. His feature films Dooman River, Desert Dream and Fukuoka premiered at Berlinale.


2004 Tang Poetry
2005 Grain in Ear
2008 Iri
2010 Doorman River
2015 Love and...
2018 Ode to the Goose
2021 Yanagawa
2023 The Shadowless Tower