62nd TIFF: World Premiere

In a working-class neighborhood of Athens, amid the economic crisis, the resurgence of fascism, and Covid-19, a group of 18-year-old students persecute immigrants, queers, anyone who is just different. A classmate of theirs, who refuses to hide his dislike for their action, quickly becomes their target.

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Available at the Agora Market.

Direction: Vassilis Douvlis
Script: Vassilis Douvlis
Cinematography: Giorgos Valsamis
Editing: Ioanna Pogiantzi
Sound: Vaggelis Zelkas
Music: Vangelis Fampas
Actors: Iosif Gavrielatos, Nikos Zegkinoglou, Anastasis Laoulakos, Natalie Pawloff
Production: Kfilms
Producers: Panagiotis Kakavias, Katerina Beligianni
Co-production: Greek Film Center, ERT, KaBel, Massive Productions, Arctos Films,
Co-producers: Vassilis Douvlis
Costumes: Ioanna Timotheadou
Sets: Stavroula Sygouna
Make Up: Artemis Leonti
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2021
Duration: 95'
Distribution in Greece: Kfilms (Panagiotis Kakavias)
Contact: Kfilms (Panagiotis Kakavias, kfilms365@gmail.com)

Agora Works in Progress 2020 – ERT Award

Vassilis Douvlis

Vassilis Douvlis was born in Ioannina, Greece and studied literature and cinema in Athens and Paris. He is the Ηead of the Program Department of the Hellenic Parliament Television. He has taught screenwriting and directing in film schools and has directed fiction and documentary films, which have been screened and won awards at many International Film Festivals.


1991 The Secret Coming of Summer (short)  
2000 The Veteran (short)  
2002 Menidi-Perama, 30 kilometres (short doc)
2007 The Homecoming
2013 Affection to the People (doc)
2021 18