Old Mother Snow

Dame saisons

Greek Premiere

Thumbeline and Fingerita live alone with their mother at the edge of a forest overlooking a village. Thumbeline, a rather sulky teenager, isn't as helpful as her little sister Fingerita who willingly offers to go and gather firewood in the forest. When Fingerita's hat falls into an old well, she climbs down to get it and discovers the enchanting world of Old Mother Snow, who makes the snowfall every time she shakes her eiderdown!

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Direction: Célia Tisserant, Arnaud Demuynck
Script: Arnaud Demuynck
Editing: Yan Volsy
Music: Yan Volsy
Format: DCP
Production Country: Belgium
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 31'
Contact: Les Films du Nord

Age 7+

Célia Tisserant

After obtaining a DMA at the ESAAT, Célia Tisserant earned a place on the FCIL course proposed by the school, which gave her the opportunity to study animation in more depth, while gaining professional experience by working part-time at Films du Nord from 2016 to 2017. The additional year of study enabled her to work with Nicolas Liguori on his film The Wind in the Reeds, before developing and directing her first short film, The Golden Tortoise, co-directed with Célia Tocco.


2021 Old Mother Snow (short)

Arnaud Demuynck

Arnaud Demuynck is a director, producer, and scriptwriter. His works include a short fiction film, The Lock (2000), and animated films like Signs of Life (2004), The Shadow of the Veil (2006), and Breakout (2007). He writes films for young audiences, based on traditional stories, nursery rhymes, and children’s books.


2000 The Lock (short)
2006 À l’ombre du voile (short)
2007 L’évasion (short)
2010 Le concile lunatique (short)
2012 Through the Windows (short)
2017 The Wind in the Reeds (short)
2018 Le Quatuor à cornes (short)
2021 Old Mother Snow (short)