The Kings of the World

Los Reyes del Mundo

63rd TIFF: Greek Premiere

“One day all men fell asleep… And the rims of the world burned.” Streetwise teen Rá receives a long-awaited letter from the government certifying his rightful inheritance of family land snatched away decades earlier by paramilitary groups. Intoxicated by the prospect of a place to finally call home, he gathers his found family of brothers – five boys scavenging on the streets of Medellin – and together they embark on a journey across a landscape whose lush forests and inveigling mists conceal a pandemic of pervasive violence. Along the way, they encounter others inhabiting the margins of a society in turmoil, who alternatively offer lessons in courage and kindness, brutality and greed. Swinging between unbridled delirium and bitter reality, this kaleidoscopic road movie follows an at-once surreal and perilous odyssey into the legacies of violence in contemporary Colombia. A film about the disobedience, friendship, and dignity that exist in resistance. A journey to nowhere, where everything happens.

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Direction: Laura Mora
Script: Laura Mora, María Camila Arias
Cinematography: David Gallego
Editing: Sebastián Hernández, Gustavo Vasco
Sound: Boris Herrera, Carlos García
Music: Leo Heiblum
Actors: Carlos Andrés Castañeda, Davidson Andrés Flores, Brahian Stiven Acevedo, Cristian Camilo David Mora, Cristian David Campaña
Production: Ciudad Lunar, La Selva Cine
Producers: Cristina Gallego, Mirlanda Torres
Co-production: Mer Films, Iris Productions, Talipot Studio, Tu Vas Voir
Co-producers: Katarzyna Ozga, Nicolas Steil, Regina García Solórzano, Elisa Pirr, Pilar Peredo Edgar Tenembaun
Costumes: Ana Acosta
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Colombia
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 110΄
Contact: Film Factory Entertainment
Awards/Distinctions: Golden Shell – San Sebastián IFF 2022

Laura Mora

Laura Mora born in Medellín and is graduated in Film Management at RMIT University of Melbourne, Australia. She directed the short films West (2006), Brotherhood (2008), Salomé (2011). In 2016, she produced the feature film Killing Jesus. Winner of the FDC, Ibermedia and INCAA awards, it premiered at the Toronto Film Festival (TIFF) in 2017 and at the Festival de Cine de San Sebastián, where it received the EROSKI Award, the special mention for new directors, and the SIGNIS Critics Award. Since then, the film has been screened at more than 25 festivals and has collected more than 18 awards. Kings of the World won the Film Development Award at the Latin Film Festival in Toulouse, France, as well as the top prize at San Sebastián.


2006 Brotherhood (short)
2012 Salomé (short)
2015 Antes del fuego
2016 Código Origen (doc)
2022 The Kings of the World