RED|WHITE  – VR Interactive Installation
All Around Cinema
Duration:  2-11/11/2023 / 17:00-23:00


As part of the launch of the new VR competition program in the Festival’s official selection, Immersive – All Around Cinema, artists’ collective Medea Electronique’s latest work is presented during this year’s edition as an interactive installation. RED|WHITE is a staged love letter transformed into an augmented reality experience in which two bodies narrate a love affair. The viewer enters the installation of the Medea Electronique art collective and navigates, observes, listens to, and reads the incessant flow of sound and speech. At some point you come across VR stations, put on the VR mask and participate in the story yourself. The installation explores coldness and lasciviousness, the natural and the artificial, the actual and the potential, togetherness and apartness, “here” and “elsewhere”.


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