The Spectre of the People

“The Spectre of the People”: Thessaloniki Photobiennale 2023 (Main Exhibition)
MOMus-Experimental Center for the Arts (Pier A, Thessaloniki Port)
Duration: 31/10/23–11/2/2024


The 36th Thessaloniki Photobiennale presents more than 100 photographers from 18 countries in a multifarious program of 25 exhibitions, open public events, and educational programmes hosted in 19 museums, cultural venues and art venues in Thessaloniki and Athens. This year’s main exhibition, “The Spectre of the People”, explores populism through photography and video, and is curated by the art historian and photography theorist, Julian Stalabrass. As the spectre of populism stalks the Earth, artists have grappled with its myriad dimensions: how and if to represent ‘the people’ (should they be thought to exist), and to represent democratic power, the nature of charismatic leaders, and popular protest and insurgency.


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