More is More: Building the Narrative World of a Series

More is More: Building the Narrative World of a Series – Storytelling Masterclass  by Panayotis Christopoulos
Sunday 5 November - 10:30, Pavlos Zannas Theater


The total duration and episodic format of the series constitute the principal difference between a series and a movie, as far as screenplay is concerned. The imperative “less is more” of filmmaking fills a screenwriter’s drawers with omitted cut-outs of the story which may be superfluous for the film itself, but are often parts of a narrative world that the screenwriter built with love. A series may not only provide refuge for all those “superfluous” elements, but actually need them. The screenwriter who is building a series is asked early on to build not only a storyline, but a narrative world which will envelop the main story and with which the main story will open up a “dialogue.” In the masterclass “More Is More,” we will examine how the world of a series is built – and which are the invisible narrative threads that ensure it does not end up in chaos.



*All masterclasses are open to the public, on a first-come-first-served basis