Spot the Festival – Intimacy: A Modern Tyranny

The Tyranny of Intimacy is the title of the last chapter of the book The Fall of Public Man by Richard Sennett. The book, prophetic when first published and particularly timely today – given the overwhelming situation we are experiencing – guided us in composing the Competition Section structure for this year’s Festival. These concerns and ideas are made flesh through paint, clay, iron, plastic or thread, and given the breath of life by the mind, talent and dedication of twelve young artists, each transmuting their own experience of viewing one of the films in the Competition Section into an original work of art. Together, artworks and films, simultaneously within and outside their familiar and natural environment, urge us to negotiate the pairing of images, whether moving or static. We find ourselves, almost of our own accord, at a point of transcendence. This point is a springboard, a starting-point for the dialogue framing the contemporary sensory experience and participation in all things public. These works will be presented in the central exhibition of the 61st Thessaloniki International Film Festival titled Intimacy: A Modern Tyranny. The exhibition was to take place at the MOMus Experimental Centre for the Arts. However, due to the pandemic, reproductions of the artworks, are set on display downtown. From start to finish, one can take a walk through what is a unique and complex present-day urban landscape. Follow the map and get yourselves even more acquainted with the Thessaloniki Film Festival and its home city.

Also,12 large representations of the artworks on banners, will be exhibited on the exterior walls of buildings of the port pier of Thessaloniki, taking their place in the public spaces.

The exhibition will be presented in Athens, in The Project Gallery.

At the same time, photos from the video installation of George Drivas, Incidents in (Past) Future Perfect Tense, will be printed on banners and will also be exhibited in the Port.

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