Fly (2021) by Katja von Garnier, in collaboration with the Berlin Senate Chancellery

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Saturday, November 6th, Stavros Tornes, 12:00

Free admission on a first-come-first-served basis

Entrance in the movie theaters is carried out upon presentation of a vaccination certificate or a recovery certificate, along with an official identity verification document.


20-year-old Bex is serving time in prison due to an unfortunate accident and has to fight her way through a re-socialization program. The provocative loner doesn’t find this easy. Her trainer Ava does everything she can to pass on her passion for dance to Bex and the other "Resis", and to form the lone fighters into a single group that is both fit enough for a dance battle and ready for real life outside the prison gates. As Bex slowly starts opening up to her fellow human beings, she feels particularly drawn to her fellow dancer Jay. As the "Resis" gain more and more self-confidence, Bex's traumatic past suddenly catches up with her.

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