Towards the Temenos: Gregory Markopoulos and Robert Beavers

For this anniversary year of the Thessaloniki Ιnternational Film Festival, we pay tribute to two key American experimental filmmakers, Gregory J. Markopoulos and Robert Beavers. The four film programs in the tribute present rare 16 mm screenings of Markopoulos’s acclaimed films from the postwar era to the 70s anc four films by Beavers offering a look into the lives and the daily imagery of Markopoulos’s and Beavers’ lives. These seminal film poems, which are little known to Greek audiences, will be accompanied by an exclusive Greek preview of film writer Georgia Korossi’s film Devotion, a short documentary about the 2016 edition of Temenos – the quadrennial event premiering Markopoulos’s monumental film Eniaios.
We’re pleased to welcome Robert Beavers and special
guests to the Festival.
Georgia Korossi
Curator of Experimental Film

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01 November 2019
17:00 Among the Eucalyptuses | Among the Eucalyptuses PAVLOS ZANNAS 025
17:00 The Suppliant | The Suppliant PAVLOS ZANNAS 025
17:00 Pitcher of Colored Light | Pitcher of Colored Light PAVLOS ZANNAS 025
17:00 Early Monthly Segments | Early Monthly Segments PAVLOS ZANNAS 025
19:30 The Illiac Passion | The Illiac Passion PAVLOS ZANNAS 026
02 November 2019
15:00 Christmas U.S.A. | Christmas U.S.A. PAVLOS ZANNAS 124
15:00 Ming Green | Ming Green PAVLOS ZANNAS 124
15:00 Twice a Man | Twice a Man PAVLOS ZANNAS 124
03 November 2019
12:30 Bliss | Bliss PAVLOS ZANNAS 223
12:30 Portrait of Gilbert & George (aka Gibralta) | Portrait of Gilbert & George (aka Gibralta) PAVLOS ZANNAS 223
12:30 The Mysteries | The Mysteries PAVLOS ZANNAS 223
12:30 Devotion | Devotion PAVLOS ZANNAS 223
08 November 2019
13:00 The Illiac Passion | The Illiac Passion PAVLOS ZANNAS 723