What Did You Do in the War, Thanassi? (1971), by Dinos Katsourides

events what did you do in the war thanassi

Saturday, November 6th, Olympion, 18:00
Admission is free for the public, on a first-come-first-served basis. Entrance is carried out upon presentation of a vaccination certificate or a recovery certificate, along with an official identity verification document.

The movie is preluded by the critic of Athinorama magazine, Christos Mitsis


Employing the inherently subversive form of comedy, as Thanassis Vengos incarnates at once common people wisdom, submission and resistance, Dinos Katsourides focuses his glance at the everyday man of the Nazi Occupation. A person that, straying even from his own will, cannot remain a passive bystander, gradually getting caught up in the whirlpool of collective action. Here, a rather naïve-minded and starving worker in a factory, is imprisoned and tortured, finding himself engaging into unintended resistance. The movie worked as a subtle allegory for the Junta regime, becoming one of the highest grossing films of Greek cinema at the time.


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