Honorary Golden Alexander to Despo Maroulakou – Official presentation of the Meet the Future initiative

Wednesday, November 10th, Warehouse C, 17:00

Admission upon accreditation


Within the framework of the large-scale tribute to editing, the 62nd TIFF will pay homage to Despo Maroulakou, one of the most renowned editors in the history of Greek cinema, but also as a pioneer woman in a man-dominated field. Despo Maroulakou will be awarded with the honorary Golden Alexander, on Wednesday, November 10th, at 5 pm, at Warehouse C, during the opening of the Meet the Future presentation (admission strictly upon accreditation). Meet the Future initiative, entirely dedicated to film editing and held for the third consecutive year, is also part of the rich and multilayered tribute of the Festival. The younger generation of film editors from Greece, currently on their way to leave their mark on the national and international scene, will be given useful guidance and invaluable advice from the cream of the crop in the field. The participants in this year’s Meet the Future, apart from the open-to-the-public events of the tribute, will have the chance to attend two closed-session discussions with Yorgos Mavropsaridis and Yannis Chalkiadakis and present a showreel of their work to the Greek and international invitees of the Festival.