Exhibition: “The sea at the port,” with photographs by Nikos Nikolopoulos

Exhibition Launch: “The sea at the port,” with photographs by Nikos Nikolopoulos

10:00–22:00 (5–13/11)
10:00–18:00 (Tuesday–Sunday) (15/11–4/12)

Glass House (Former Nursery School, Thesaloniki Port)




The 63rd Thessaloniki International Film Festival presents a photo exhibition devoted to Theo Angelopoulos’s last film The Other Sea, whose shooting of was suddenly and tragically cut short on January 24, 2012, when its creator was killed in a road accident in Drapetsona, a few meters from a set. Among the little survives of the film are twenty stills taken by filmmaker and photographer Nikos Nikolopoulos, who attended the shooting daily. Blown up to large size, like the filmmaker’s shots, they capture the joy and anguish of the shoot, “a purely erotic act,” as Angelopoulos called it, and are presented against the backdrop of the Port of Thessaloniki, a location Angelopoulos adored and used in many of his films. An exhibition that feels like a return, the completion of nostos, the reconstruction of a landscape left unfinished, the repatriation of a gaze that remained suspended. The photos were initially presented at the Melina Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens in January and February 2022, in an impressive exhibition titled Bridge-Builder. The exhibition was curated by Christoforos Marinos and Vangelis Ioakimidis. 

Curation Orestis Andreadakis Production-Coordination Thanos Stavropoulos Exhibition Design Maria Maneta Digital Printing George Marinos/ Idolo Fine Art Photo Lab Dibond Mounting Kostas Karasavvidis

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