Case 5.22

Creators: Marilou Vomvolou, Kostas Vomvolos, Flora Fousteri, Script writer: Marilou Vomvolou (poem: Flora Fousteri), Music-Sound engineer: Kostas Vomvolos, Sound editors: Kostas Vomvolos, Marilou Vomvoulou, Narration: Marilou Vomvolou, Language: Greek, Production country: Greece, Duration: 20’

A sci-fi erotic story or maybe a story that negotiates freedom and its release? Or maybe the notion of ethics? One thing is certain; it is the narrative of reinstating myth in life, in a world full of symbols. A reminder of the disorder that is boiling and it is impossible to be controlled.


Creator: Zeti Fitsiou, Production: Aeireiti – Production of audiovisual shows and digital cultural events, Music: Monika, Sound engineer-Sound editor: Diamantis Karanastasis, Narration: Fay Xyla, Language: Greek, Production country: Greece, Duration: 22’

Short stories from Efterpi, who wanders in the alleys of Athens with her little fan and her flowered hat, stumbling completely by accident upon the funniest and strangest incidents. Small adventures taken from everyday life.

In my Head

Creators: Nalia Zikou, Sofia Gourgouliani, Script writer: Sofia Gourgouliani, Narration: Nalia Zikou, Language: Greek, Production country: Greece, Duration: 20’

An unprecedented podcast about sexual abuse, unfolded through the thoughts of the femme-enfant. Repetitive speech, unrelated words and images, lack of logic consistency, memories triggered by everyday sounds, an automatic writing in her head. In our head. A response to the “why didn’t she just leave?” attitude of our times.

Innocent Stories of the Future

Creators: Theodora Tsakiridi, George Kamtziridis, Script writer: Theodora Tsakiridi, Music tracks: “Happy Pirate Accordion” (artist: alphatone), “Emotional Background Music Orchestra - Adventure Type” (artist: Migfus20), “Emotional Background Music Orchestra - Adventure Type” (artist: ShadyDave), Sound engineer-Sound editor: George Kamtziridis, Narration: Theodora Tsakiridi, George Kamtziridis, Language: Greek, Production country: Greece, Duration: 20’

Two kids, two youngsters, two old people narrate their lives. The difficulties of survival, labor, immigration and art. They get to know nature while nature gets to know them, too. That's when philosophy begins to unfold. In happiness and in sadness, as we struggle and as we let go, in friendship that lasts forever. These two kids, that’s us.

Kites Over Kabul

Creator: Thomas Sideris, Production: ERT SA, Script writer-Sound editor: Thomas Sideris, Sound engineer: Eleftheria Papoutsaki, Narration: Aris Marangopoulos, Language: Greek, Production country: Greece, Duration: 40’

The refugee journey and the coming of age of the Afghan Reza Golami from Kabul to Mytilene. The parallel narratives of Afghans inside and outside Kabul. The shocking testimony of Afghan journalist Ratemp Nouri. Excerpts from the written testimony by Reza Golami are read by the award-winningauthor Aris Maragopoulos.

Mega Stories: The Story of Zak Kostopoulos

Creators: Konstantis Frangopoulos, Dora Anagnostopoulou, Production: Mega TV, Sound engineer: Vassilis Gionakis, Sound editor: Alexandros Alevras, Narration: Dora Anagnostopoulou, Language: Greek, Production country: Greece, Duration: 30’

Mega Stories travel to Itea so to better understand who Zacharias, as his own people call him, was. His parents, Eleni and Efthymios Kostopoulos, and his beloved childhood friends, Ioanna Lambropoulou and Lena Madoura, outline an otherwise unknown image of Zak, that of a son and friend.

My Suburb

Creator: Camilla Bouchet, Production: Bouchet Art and Film, Script writer-Sound editor-Sound engineer-Narration: Camilla Bouchet, Language: English, Production country: Sweden, Duration: 21’

Some time ago, I went back to the suburb where I grew up. My kingdom. I wanted to remember my childhood. To collect new and different stories; to see if we could somehow meet in the middle. My suburb is still as beautiful as it used to be. Nothing can equal the calmness, but also the feeling of adventure it oozes. The feeling that anything could happen. Life. Or love. But nowadays everybody is saying that the suburb is bleeding, that mothers are crying for their lost children. A fiction/documentary about Tensta, a Swedish suburb that is now mostly known for its gang shootings. A podcast that binds together interviews with people who now live there and childhood memories.

Next Stop Greece: A Journey to Greek Flavors

Creators: Antonis Iliadis, Sevi Penardi, Production: SuperGreeks, Script writers: Antonis Iliadis, Sevi Penardi, Sound engineer: amstudios, Sound editor: The Kraken Studio, Narration: Sevi Penardi, Language: Greek, Production countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Duration: 24’

(for both adults and children)

It is the year 2041. A girl called Mnimosini (Memory) becomes the motive for a storytelling that takes to past-times Greece. From Ancient Greece and Sparta’s black soup, all the way to Byzantine sauces and spices from Smyrna, we embark on a journey to familiar flavors of the past. Life is, after all, a beautiful journey…

Once Upon a Time My Grandmother…

Creators: Sofia Mpletsou, Charis Serdari, Production: Sofia Mpletsou, Charis Serdari, Songs: Sotiria Tsiouri, Georgia Mperouki, Lamprini Tatsi, Sound engineer: Sofia Mpletsou, Sound editor: Charis Serdari, Narration: Georgia Mperouki, Eleutheria Mpalaziki, Elisavet Sionti, Evgenia Tatsi, Katina Kontou, Lamprini Mpalaziki, Lamprini Tatsi, Niki Oikonomou, Panagiota Giannouli, Sofia Mpletsou, Sotiria Tsiouri, Charikia Oikonomou, Language: Greek, Production country: Greece, Duration: 22’

When a grandmother tells stories from the past, her eyes, her voice, and her breath change, taking us to a world that could exist only in our imagination. Older women meet up in a podcast and recall being children once.

Shadow Man

Creator: Panagiotis I.E. Vasileiou, Script writer-Narration: Panagiotis I.E. Vasileiou, Music-Sound engineer-Sound editor: Yannis Andritsopoulos, Language: Greek, Production country: Greece, Duration: 20’ - Artwork: The Krank

A homeless man is standing on the edge of a rooftop. He is not going to kill himself; he is not admiring the view either. He just strives to become visible and convince us to notice everything that we left behind us unnoticed; everything we forgot and ignored that it will eventually come. Will he make it?

The Fish Eye

Creator: Nikos Roumpakis, Production: Nikos Roumpakis, Script writer: Nikos Roumpakis, Music: Alexandros Rizopoulos, Sound engineer: Thanassis Gikas (Studio Mythos), Sound editor-Narration: Katerina Tzova, Language: Greek, Production country: Greece, Duration: 40’

A story about love and all the first words we spoke, while doing our duty in this world. For all the wounds we got in the battles we fought. For all the grooves of the Earth that became rivers and filled the seas with rushing waters and children's songs. A story about all the stories that have not been told yet. A story about the heroes of fairy tales who never grew old.

The Letters I Have Read About Her

Creator: Stratis Chatzielenoudas, Production: Moving Rooster Productions, Ioanna Peteinaraki, Script writer: Stratis Chatzielenoudas, Music: Acid Baby Jesus, Narration: Lydia Vyrla, Eleni Megreli, Stratis Chatzielenoudas, Language: Greek, Production country: Greece, Duration: 33’

Year 1975. Two friends decide to move to Paris in order to study Psychology, against the will of their parents. Thirty years later, the son of one of these girls (the creator) finds the letters they exchanged with their parents during this period.

The Number you Have Dialed Is Unavailable

Creator: A. Epitheti, Production: A. Epitheti, Script writer: A. Epitheti, Sound engineer-Sound editor: Victor Forlidas, Narration: A. Epitheti (voice in the answering machine: Victor Forlidas), Language: Greek, Production country: Greece, Duration: 23’

Sometimes we talk to walls at night, sometimes we write letters to people we no longer around us or who are no longer here, hoping to dispel what remained unsaid. Sometimes, as if driven automatically, our hand tries to dial a number that is no longer available. he make it?told yet. A story about the heroes of fairy tales who never grew old.

The Red Balloon - What is Fear?

Creator: Virginia Kokkinou, Production: Virginia Kokkinou, Script writer-Sound engineer, Sound editor-Narration: Virginia Kokkinou, Opening titles music and fairy-tale song: Yannis Anthopoulos, Background music in the 1st part: “Mysterious Moments” (artist: Eneide), Language: Greek, Production country: Greece, Duration: 26’

(for children)

Virginia Kokkinou takes her “Red Balloon” and travels in the magic world of kids, interviews children on various subjects of their interest, explains in a simple way their questions and shares tales relevant to each episode’s subject. This new episode revolves around fear.

The 7th Wife

Creator: Nina Triaridou, Production: Nina Triaridou, Script writer-Sound engineer-Sound editor: Nina Triaridou, Music: Kevin McLeod, Language: English, Production country: Greece, Duration: 20’

What is the relation between art and gender politics? In “The 7th Wife”, seven fictional narratives of male violence against women are examined from a feminist viewpoint. From the folktale of “Bluebeard” to the film Crimson Peak, the representation of the female marital experience is re-evaluated, drawing links to modern-day femicides.

Trash Stories

Creator: Maria Amanatidou, Production: Child of Antigone, Sound editor: Antonis Vlavogelakis, Narration: Maria Amanatidou, Language: Greek, Production country: Greece, Duration: 39’

Twelve first-person stories, with a music background. Twelve short stories, written over a period of more than ten years. Twelve short literary texts rejected by several publishers. It's high time they traveled across the universe.