Nine Greek-speaking and one English-speaking podcasts have their eyes set on the Best Podcast Award of the 64th Thessaloniki International Film Festival, accompanied by a 2,000-euro cash prize. The audience will have the chance to hear all podcasts taking part in this year’s Festival both onsite, at the specially configured venue of the Podcast Room of the Thessaloniki Cinema Museum, and online, through the Festival’s website.



Podcaster: Thanasis Tatavlalis. Production: Monk Production / Stavros Svigkos. Script: Thanasis Tatavlalis. Original Music: Kostis Kontos. Sound engineering: Simos Papadopoulos, Iasonas Ikonomou. Sound editing: Kostis Kontos. Narration: Andreas Konstantinou, Sophia Kokkali. Language: Greek. Greece, 2023, 21’

In this crime story, time is the moral perpetrator. Every time the clock strikes 00.00 the ecstasy and the nightmare begins. The zero, sometimes like an open mouth that screams, sometimes like an open mouth half asleep and sometimes like a colorful button that invites the hero to a nightmarish katabasis. There, he is only carrying a very long gray coat on his shoulders, a small pot in his hand and a broken electric clock that sometimes flashes inside a dream and sometimes locks him up in a prison. Zero, a fuel. Never burns. Ashes.

5, 4-3-2-1

Podcaster: Anastasios Nikolopoulos. Production: Anastasios Nikolopoulos. Script: Anastasios Nikolopoulos. Sound editing: Anastasios Nikolopoulos.  Narration: Anastasios Nikolopoulos. Visual Identity: Vaggelis Margaritis. Language: Greek. Greece, 2023, 20’

The 5 on the sign has haunted me. Each time a different victim in the room of the antique shop. What do these numbers mean anyway? When will the torture stop? I don't remember anything...

Βy his side as long as it lasts

Podcaster: Dafni Anesti, Danai Dragonea. Production: KATHE MIA ISTORIA, Dafni Anesti, Danai Dragonea. Script: Dafni Anesti, Danai Dragonea. Sound engineering: Vasilis Tsigkris. Sound editing: Vasilis Tsigkris. Language: Greek. Greece, 2023, 20’

Ada Polyzou explains how she has organized her life to be able to cope with the care of her elderly father and the demands of her business. She shares her daily life with this loved one who suffers from dementia and the shape of their relationship today.

Invisible Women: Evanthia Kairis

Podcaster: Anastasia Koumidou/ National Museum of History. Production: National Museum of History (funded by “John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation”) / MAGMA. Script: Anastasia Koumidou. Original Music: Theodoros Lotis. Sound engineering: Victor Mastela. Sound editing: Victor Mastela, Theodoros Lotis, Kostis Tsiahas. Narration: Maria Zormpa, Kostis Mperikopoulos, Giorgos Krontiris, Vaggelis Papadakis, Anastasia Koumidou, Anastasios Nikolopoulos. Language: Greek. Greece, 2023, 26’

In 1799, amidst a patriarchal society, despotically controlled by men, a woman came to life. She managed to cultivate her mind, obtain global scholarship and acute social awareness. She flourished as a translator, a playwright, an intellectual, and a teacher. Her name is Evanthia Kairis.

Marching with the exceptions

Podcaster: Stamna Katerina, Stamnas Anastasios. Production: Stamna Katerina, Stamnas Anastasios. Script: Stamna Katerina, Stamnas Anastasios. Original Music: Dimitris Moutousidis. Sound engineering: Dimitris Moutousidis. Sound editing: Dimitris Moutousidis. Narration: Andreas Ntouskas. Language: Greek. Greece, 2023, 22’

Antreas Ntouskas’ audio messages saved in messenger. Random, scattered, unrelated. Sometimes contradictory, messy, annoying. “Unsavory” messages that trouble you. Walks in the city, politics, quarantine, work, psychotherapy, relationships, they are all intertwined. All together march with the exceptions...

Mega Stories - Transplant Stories

Podcaster: Konstantis Fragkopoulos. Production: MEGA TV. Script: Dora Anagnostopoulou. Sound engineering: Vasilis Gkionakis. Sound editing: Alexandros Alevras, Aphroditi Tavri. Narration: Dora Anagnostopoulou. Research: Iliana Danezi. Language: Greek. Greece, 2023, 30’

Waiting, hope, frustration, supreme pain, redemption, death, new life. Words completely intertwined with organ donation and transplantation, the act of absolute love and generosity from person to person. Organ donation is a response to death, it is the victory of life and this is something that the people who talk to us here know very well.

Persistence of Memory

Podcaster: Courtney Hope Therond, Rhiannon Ciara Vaughn. Production: Courtney Hope Therond, Rhiannon Ciara Vaughn. Script: Courtney Hope Therond, Rhiannon Ciara Vaughn. Narration: Angelique Cabral, Baron Vaughn, Fryda Wolff, Aida Rodriguez, Cristela Alonso. Language: English. USA, 2022, 22’

Parents must unite to find their missing oldest child, but their grief threatens to tear the family apart and leave their surviving daughter behind. Persistence of Memory is a fictional podcast that blends authentic performances with immersive and experimental soundscapes.

The History of Tinsmithing

Podcaster: Lithadioti Natalia. Production: Lithadioti Natalia. Script: Lithadioti Natalia. Sound engineering: Lithadioti Natalia. Sound editing: Lithadioti Natalia. Narration: Lithadioti Natalia, Lithadiotis Giorgos. Language: Greek. Greece, 2022-23, 27’

The podcast describes the history of the last tinsmith of Skopelos. Through the storytelling of Mr. Lithadiotis, times when this art bloomed come alive, amidst a period without electricity in every home. When people used his lanterns and all other metal devices they constructed.

The Humming of the Moon

Podcaster: Tasos Theofilatos. Production: Tasos Theofilatos. Script: Tasos Theofilatos. Original Music: Tasos Theofilatos. Sound editing: Tasos Theofilatos. Narration: Tasos Theofilatos. Starring as Alex: Thanos Grivas. Starring as Mia: Maria Kirozi. Language: Greek. Greece, 2023, 20’

A new moon on the horizon that hums to those who are willing to listen, only to discover that the wonders of the universe are right beside us.A musical miniature about Alex, Mia and little Lux, who search for the essence and simplicity of life  into the enchanted night.

Through local eyes: Pagan lore of rural Thessaly

Podcaster: Panos Tsamouras. Production: Panos Tsamouras. Script: Chrisostomos Tsaprailis. Original Music: Panos Tsamouras. Sound editing: Panos Tsamouras. Narration: Eleni Kokkidou, Alexandra Stamouli, Konstantinos Tsonis. Song: Sevi Vletsi. Language: Greek. Greece, 2023, 20’

A journey starting in Athens and ending in Thessaly. The travelers record the confessions of the locals who interpret nature through their own eyes. Chrysostomos Tsaprailis' book Pagan lore of rural Thessaly comes to life through the narration of three actors and the original musical composition by Panos Tsamouras.