The newly established Nexus subsection hosts eighteen Greek-speaking and one English-speaking podcasts, which stood out for their thematics, technique, as well as the optimal use of all podcast tools. The audience will have the chance to hear all podcasts taking part in this year’s Festival both onsite, at the specially configured venue of the Podcast Room of the Thessaloniki Cinema Museum, and online, through the Festival’s website.

2084: Α future tale

Podcaster: Konstantis Christou. Script: Konstantis Christou. Narration: Giannis Mavropoulos, Despo Pirtsiou. Dramaturgical editing: Danai Theodoridou. Graphic Design: Magda Dimou. Language: Greek. Greece, 2021, 27’

One morning in the year 2084, our hero wakes up in an entirely different reality where AI operating systems have overthrown the preexisting system of government and established a classless society for… the betterment of humanity and the planet.

Alpine Zone

Podcaster: Kostis Tsiahas. Production: Valentini Margaritopoulou. Script: Kostis Tsiahas. Original Music: Kostis Tsiahas. Sound engineering: Kostis Tsiahas. Sound editing: Kostis Tsiahas. Narration: Kostis Tsiahas. Script translated by Mr. Emilios Chourmouzios. Language: Greek. Greece, 2023, 21’

Alpine Zone is based on Lawrence Durrell's work, Alexandrian Quartet, a tetralogy of novels published between 1957 and 1960. It is a selection- distillation of words from the translation of Emilios Chormouzios, combined with three personal recordings. A hypothetical interview from an invisible imagination.

Between two centuries

Podcaster: Styliani Alisanoglou. Sound engineering: Styliani Alisanoglou. Sound editing: Styliani Alisanoglou. Narration: Styliani Alisanoglou, Ioulieta-Victoria Karapiperidi. Language: Greek. Greece, 2023, 21’

A mother's conversation with her nine-year-old daughter, as the little one realizes that her mom has lived half of her life in the previous century and she is now living the second half in this century. The little girl would like to discuss with her the differences and similarities about the things she is concerned about, regarding life then and life today.

(bite-sized history) the unlucky baltic fleet

Podcaster: Apostolos Markos Kostoulis. Production: Apostolos Markos Kostoulis, Municipal Radio of Larissa. Script: Apostolis Markos Kostoulis. Sound engineering: Konstantinos Tiganis. Sound editing: Konstantinos Tiganis. Narration: Apostolis Markos Kostoulis. Language: Greek. Greece, 2023, 21’

 satirical podcast on world history


Podcaster: Vasia Aletra. Production: Vasia Aletra. Script: Vasia Aletra. Sound engineering: Vasia Aletra.  Sound editing: Vasia Aletra. Narration: Vasia Aletra. Graphics: Vangelis Margaritis. Language: Greek. Greece, 2023, 20’

The Fenomena are a snapshot of the evolution of the feminist movement from the 19th century to present day. From the suffragettes to artificial intelligence applications, reality calls for feminists to equip themselves and develop an ideology that supports feminist interventions in the networks of the modern world.

Human R-Evolution

Podcaster: Theodora Tsakiridi, Georgios Kamtziridis. Script: Theodora Tsakiridi. Original Music: Lazaros Matsouliadis. Sound engineering: Lazaros Matsouliadis. Sound editing: Lazaros Matsouliadis. Narration: Magda Alliou, Giorgos Kamtziridis, Sofianos Pesiridis, Dimitris Zisopoulos, Anastasia Loule, Liana Ouggrinou, Stefanos Giaremis, Theodora Tsakiridi, Ilias Dimakis, Anna Rahovitsa, Maria Ziakou, Konstantina Eksarhou, Despo Pirtsiou. Visual Identity: Vicky Katrantzi.  Language: Greek. Greece, 2023, 23’

A group of friends try to imagine what a dystopian society would be like, each taking on a role. Is our world far from the dystopian version they imagine? Quiet! A futuristic society is being prepared!

Mama Mou (my mom): It's a boy

Podcaster: Maria Petridi. Production: Maria Petridi. Script: Maria Petridi. Sound engineering: Dimitris Ntafis. Sound editing: Dimitris Ntafis, Maria Petridi. Narration: Maria Petridi. Language: Greek. Greece, 2023, 22’

Boys don't cry. Boys don't lose. They don't get hurt. They hurt others. Women.The weaker ones. Maria Petridi , mother of a 3-year-old boy, has no doubt in her mind that in order to stop violence against women (and not only women) we have to change the way we raise boys.

My Grandfather, the Gastarbeiter

Podcaster: Katerina Margaritopoulou, Eugenia Moustaka. Production: POLIISTORIES. Script: Katerina Margaritopoulou. Sound engineering: Menelaos Eksioglou. Sound editing: Menelaos Eksioglou. Narration: Dimitris Margaritopoulos, Katerina Margaritopoulou, Eugenia Moustaka. Language: Greek. Greece, 2023, 20’

The true story of a Greek immigrant in the 1960s unfolding through personal narration. The everyday life of Dimitris Margaritopoulos during his stay as a gastarbeiter in Germany in the time of the Greek Junta. Friendships, experiences and difficulties of a student in a foreign country in a paradoxically humorous interview.


Podcaster: Sophia Irini Sopiadou. Production: Sophia Irini Sopiadou. Script: Sophia Irini Sopiadou. Sound engineering: Sophia Irini Sopiadou. Sound editing: Sophia Irini Sopiadou. Narration: Sophia Irini Sopiadou. Production supervision: Tzina Georgiadou-School of Journalism and Mass Media Communication AUTH. Sound processing: Lazaros Vrisis. Language: Greek. Greece, 2023, 22’

In this podcast five photo reporters that live and work in Thessaloniki and are currently starting their careers in the field, express their opinions about their profession and especially about some difficulties such as sexism, danger and citizen journalism.

POLISTORIES: Rebetika and sephardic songs and Stella Haskil.

Podcaster: Katerina Zahou. Production: Katerina Zahou. Script: Katerina Zahou. Original Music: Nikos Kapantzakis. Sound engineering: Menios Eksioglou. Sound editing: Menios Eksioglou. Narration: Katerina Zahou. Visual Identity: Maita Chatziioannidou & loopo studio. Texts’ editing: Stavroula Tsiara. Website administration: Fotini Patinari. Language: Greek. Greece, 2023, 20’

Rebetika and Sephardic songs at the beginning of the 20th century. Odeon's first recordings, the café of Peter Nedos and the “Seviliana” of Salonika, singer Stella Haskil.

Social Media: Me and my other Self!

Podcaster: Manina Parara. Production: Georgios Delikostas, Hellenic Institute of Systemic Constellations Bert Hellinger. Original Music: Anna Maria Katsanevaki, Eleftherios Pitsiavas, Ioannis Logothetis. Sound engineering: Georgios Delikostas. Sound editing: Georgios Delikostas. Narration: Georgios Delikostas. Language: Greek. Greece, 2023, 25’

As I read posts and comments on social media as an observer, I tried in vain to explain to friends how much we change within them! That personal, under blinkers defense of each one of us, was the generative cause of a certain Mr. Leonidas, so that through an apparently related plot – aimed at personal disengagement – he becomes our awakening mirror!

Songlines with Jimmy Trash Episode 2: Rebetiko, part 1

Podcaster: Jimmy Trash / James Cameron. Script: Jimmy Trash. Narration: Jimmy Trash, Thanasis Tavtalis. Language: English. Greece-Germany, 2023, 30’

Songlines with Jimmy Trash is a new podcast about flashpoints in history where music, politics and culture are inseparable. This second episode is the beginning of a series about the political and traumatic history of rebetiko music, through the filter of an outsider in love with this music.

Sounds and whispers, human roots

Podcaster: Konstantina Stavropoulou. Production: Educational Research Center. Script: Konstantina Stavropoulou. Original Music: Konstantina Stavropoulou. Sound engineering: Konstantina Stavropoulou. Sound editing: Konstantina Stavropoulou. Narration: Manolis Chrisoulakis, Konstantina Stavropoulou. Language: Greek. Greece, 2023, 24’

An exploration of humanity in the plateau of Armenochantrades, encountering the tomb of poet Dionysios Solomos' ancestors. Guided by a local's rich life and experiences, Solomos' verses sketch the landscape, while the soundscapes, combined with traditional instruments, create the auditory sensation.


Podcaster: Konstantinos Kasidakis. Script: Konstantinos Kasidakis. Original Music: Konstantinos Kasidakis, Vradypnea. Sound engineering: Konstantinos Kasidakis. Sound editing: Konstantinos Kasidakis. Language: Greek. Greece, 2023, 30’

Spiral: a curve that draws an object as it spins around its center while getting away from it. Images, thoughts and music from a journey that seemed like any other, but it turned out it was not.

Tear Tank  Or  Aquatic

Podcaster: Eleni Passa. Production: Eleni Passa. Script: Eleni Passa. Original Music: Eleni Passa. Narration: Eleni Passa. Language: Greek. Greece, 2023, 22’

In  memory of  my mother. Tears-Water-Embryo. A short story about the gift of life.

The Elephant In The Room: House Hunting Stories

Podcaster: Katerina Anastasiou, Christos Kapenis. Production: MASH (Katerina Anastasiou & Christos Kapenis) Original Music: Katerina Anastasiou. Sound engineering: Katerina Anastasiou. Sound editing: Katerina Anastasiou. Narration: Katerina Anastasiou, Christos Kapenis.  Language: Greek. Greece, 2023, 25’

This art podcast is edited as an audio-performance of nine real heroes who narrate their personal stories from house hunting in Greece. What problems do they face? What are their homes like? Who is the elephant in the room, or which elephant never managed to fit in?

The lives of others

Podcaster: Vasilis Zabikos. Production: Vasilis Zabikos. Script: Vasilis Zabikos. Original Music: Vasilis Zabikos. Sound engineering: Vasilis Zabikos. Sound editing: Vasilis Zabikos. Narration: Vasilis Zabikos, Aris Messinis. Language: Greek. Greece, 2023, 27’

Aris Messinis, award-winning photojournalist and war correspondent, talks about his life,photography and stories from the front.

The Voice

Podcaster: Eleni Dangelo. Co-podcusters: Alexandra Theodoraki, Dimitris Sakalis. Production: Eleni Dangelo, Alexandra Theodoraki, Dimitris Sakalis. Sound editing: Alexandra Theodoraki. Narration: Eleni Dangelo. Visual Identity / Graphic Design: Sakalis Dimitris. Language: Greek. Greece, 2023, 22’

The Voice has no gender like the characters in the story. It is a mirror of consciousness, an anger and potential catharsis. The Voice is a fiction podcast, a play of sound and emotion. Listening with headphones is recommended.

Who is afraid of Mrs. Dalloway?

Podcaster: Katerina Andreadou. Original Music: Eva Matsigkou. Language: Greek. Greece, 2023, 20’

What kind of insidious literary parasite had infected Virginia Woolf's brain when she was writing Mrs. Dalloway? What is wrong with the realistic novel and why is it not exciting any more? Some thoughts on the eternal unquenchable thirst of female writers and readers for more and more “reality” in storytelling.